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6BHX-1500 automatic peanut shelling machine sold to Kenya

In July 2023, our customer from Kenya purchased one automatic peanut shelling machine with a capacity of 700-800kg per hour. Our industrial peanut shelling unit is known for its high performance, high processing capacity and good quality. Besides, we also provide after-sales service for the groundnut shelling unit so that you can use it without any worries.

Automatic peanut shelling machine
automatic peanut shelling machine

Why did he buy the peanut shelling unit fast from Taizy?

This Kenyan customer quickly determined to purchase our Taizy 1500 model peanut shelling unit. In the communication with the customer, we learned key reasons for his rapid determination, as follows:

  1. Adaptability to Kenyan market demand: The customer was well aware of the high demand for the peanut shelling machine in the Kenyan market and wanted to meet the demand in the market. 6BHX-1500 combined peanut shelling unit has a large processing capacity to adapt to mass production and market demand, enabling the customer to quickly meet the local market demand for peanut shelling.
  2. Professional after-sales service: We are committed to providing comprehensive after-sales service and technical support, including equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance, etc. The customer appreciates our excellent after-sales service and technical support, which is an important reason for him to choose to buy our products.

Parameters of the automatic peanut shelling machine

Peanut cleaning and shelling machineModel:6BHX-1500
Capacity (kg/h):700-800
Shelling Rate (%):≥99
Cleaning Rate (%):≥99
Breakage Rate (%):≤5
Loss Rate (%):≤0.5
Humidity (%):10
Shelling Motor  :1.5KW;3KW
Cleaning Motor:2.2KW
Total Weight (kg):520
Dimension (mm):1500*1050*1460
1 set
1500 groundnut shelling unit parameters

Notes: Since it was the first time we worked with this Kenyan customer, we gave him a free set of belts and screens. And this customer made a full payment for the machine.