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Corn Silage Baling and Wrapping Machine for Livestock

Corn silage baling and wrapping machine for livestock

Product Parameters

Model TZ-55-52
Power 5.5+1.1kW,  3 phase
Bale size Φ550*520mm
Baling speed 30-50 bundles/h
Size 2100*1500*1700mm
Weight 750kg
Bale weight 65-100kg/bale
Bale density 450-500kg/m³
Film wrapping speed 13s for 2 layer film ,19s for 3 layer film
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Silage baler is bundling and wrapping the crushed grass, silage, etc. into silage bales as animal feeds for preparation. This silage round baler is necessary equipment for animal husbandry like dairy farms because it can reliably feed, bundle, and wrap the rubbed feed, like corn stalks. We have two types of silage balers for sale, respectively model 50 and model 70.

Now we upgrade our silage baler and wrapper with PLC control panel and fully automatic baling, wrapping and film cutting without manual help.

Our silage baling machine can store and transport the feed in a convenient situation. After wrapping the feed through the machine, the feed is insulated from the oxygen. During the storage time, the feed is fermented, which is more conducive to animal digestion. At the same time, it can preserve nutrition very well. Get in touch with us to get more details for facilitating your business!

two models of silage balers introduction

What is Corn Silage Baler?

The baling and wrapping machine is a large-capacity, multi-use green storage baling and wrapping machine. It is a new type of green storage feed processing machine developed by Taizy at the request of our customers.

It is mainly a good helper for animal husbandry. In addition, the machine runs stably, the equipment cost is low, the baling efficiency is high, the operation is simple, and the operation is smooth, thus, it is the choice of the majority of herdsmen. You only need to press a button, that can realize the automatic wrapping. Looking forward to your inquiry!

What Materials Can Be Baled by Silage Round Baler?

As a professional silage producer and provider, the silage baling and wrapping machine from Taizy company has a wide range of applications. Such as wheat straw, sorghum straw, corn straw, soybean straw, hay, alfalfa grass, millet straw, pasture, crop straw, cotton stalk, peanut seedlings, etc. Taking our previous customer as an example, he bought the machine for baling the garbage. It also works well. So, if you have doubts about the grass, welcome to contact us for more details!

Wide applicationswide applications of silage baler machine
wide applications of silage baler machine

Type 1: Upgraded Small Round Silage Baler and Wrapper (55*52)

This one is the mini silage baling and wrapping machine. The electric motor and diesel engine can be used to support the machine’s work. Also, the dry or wet grass can be baled into round shapes. It is a fixed bundling machine.

Silage baler machine-50type
silage baler machine-50type

This year, we upgraded our silage packing machine to a fully automatic type. Thus, now this grass baler machine can automatically silo opening, silage wrapping and film cutting.

mini silage round baler working video

Structure of Mini Silage Baler for Sale

Its structure is very simple, mainly conveying, bundling, and wrapping. It’s a fully automatic silage baling machine. Details are shown below:

Structure of silage baler
structure of silage baler

What are the Parameters of the Silage Wrapping Machine?

Power5.5+1.1kW,  3 phase
Bale sizeΦ550*520mm
Baling speed30-50 bundles/h
Bale weight65-100kg/bale
Bale density450-500kg/m³
Film wrapping speed13s for 2-layer film,19s for 3-layer film
parameters of mini silage packing machine

Optional Power for the Mini Round Baler 

In Zhengzhou Taizy Machine Company, we supply diesel engines and electric motors.

Firstly, you should understand which needs the power to run. For this silage baler machine, the main machine, the wrapping frame, and the air compressor need the power to support it.

And then, get to know the differences between them. The diesel engine can provide power by itself. But the electric motor should get help from the electricity. So, you can choose the suitable power according to your actual demands.

Yarn and Film Used for the Small Silage Baler Wrapping Machine

If using the yarn and film to bundle and wrap the silage, how to choose the proper quantity? The below table sets an example for your reference. When you have any need, please tell us your requirements, bale quantity, material to bundle the silage, etc., and then our sales manager will offer you the best solution.

Name QuantityWeightLengthPackingPacking sizeRemark
Yarn30pcs5kg2500m6 pcs/PP bag62*45*27cm1 roll of yarn can bind about 85 silage bales
Film10pcs10kg1800m1 roll/carton27*27*27cmif wrapped in 2 layers,1 roll of film can wrap about 80 silage bales, the silage can store for about 6 months.
technical data of rope and film used for silage bale wrapping machine

Type 2: Fully Automatic Silage Baler Machine (70*70)

Compared to the above mini silage baler machine, this type is a fully automatic silage baling and wrapping machine. It has the advantages of double film wrapping, high efficiency, and a motor power supply. Attention, this machine only uses the electric motor and is fully automatic during working. The baled silage have a high density, which is convenient for coating storage.

Fully automatic silage baling machine
fully automatic silage baling machine

What’s more, this grass baler machine can also bundle other dry and fresh grasses, and is one of the necessary equipment for animal husbandry. After silage wrapped, it has the following strengths:

Locks in nutrients, better for livestock growth;

It is good for storage and balanced supply all year round;

Stimulates appetite, It promotes the development of livestock.

Matched equipment for fully automatic silage baler and wrapper machine

This round silage baler machine is common packaging equipment. In order to improve production efficiency, we can match the automatic feeder with the Model 70 silage baler machine to achieve automatic production.

Advantages of this matched silage abler machine with the feeder:

reduce manual intervention

reduce labor costs

improve production efficiency

simple operation of matched machine

Technical Specifications of Fully Automatic Silage Special Baler

Capacity50-65 bales/h
Bale weight180-260kg
Bundle size70*70cm (cylindrical)
Voltage380V,50HZ,3 phase
Total power15.67KW (total 5 motors)
technical specifications of fully automatic silage making machine

Newly Designed Structure Details for Silage Baler

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of baling and wrapping machines, our silage packing machine is constantly being upgraded. The latest silage making machine has been developed to be more reasonable in detail and made from high-quality materials, as shown below. If you are interested in this silage baling machine, please contact us!

Working Process of Silage Baler and Wrapper

The working progress is following the below basic steps:

Raw material feeding

Two types are available. One is manual feeding, another one is machine feeding automatically. The raw materials are conveyed to the destination. When the materials are sufficient, it alarms. The conveyor belt will stop.


The feed will be bundled in the specified location, and the rope or plastic net will bundle the feed into a round shape.


After bundling, use wrapping films to wrap the bundled feed, to store for a long period.

working process of silage baling and wrapping machine

Parts to be Necessarily Equipped for Silage Baler for Sale

Air compressor

It’s closely connected with the automated opened silo. Generally speaking, the air compressor is necessary for realizing the automatic opening of the silo. It controls the opening of the silo after the feed is bundled.

Baling rope/plastic net

This is used for bundling the feed during the working process. It’s also a consumable material. Thus, you’d better prepare enough materials for your production. You should attention, to the baling rope belonging to fibrous material, weathered after long-term storage. But it can be eaten together with the feed by the animals. However,  the plastic net should be removed when you are ready to feed the animals.

Wrapping films

When providing the silage baler for sale, we will prepare a roll along with the machine. Although there is a roll for your usage, it’s consumable. And it’s difficult to buy matched-wrapping films from locals. Therefore, preparing enough wrapping films is imperative.

wrapping film


The trolley functions to save strength. After the feed wrapping, the silage baler and wrapper can automatically push the feed to the trolley. The trolley is under the control of the person. And then push the trolley, and put the wrapped feed to the proper location.

3 Basic Things to Consider When Buying the Silage Baler

  • Firstly, the full automatic silage baler or not. But the fully automatic machine is widely and frequently used.
  • Then, diesel engine or electric motor.
  • Next, manually cut the wrapping film or automatically cut the wrapping film.

Our sales manager can provide the most suitable plan to meet your business demands.

Safety Applications and Precautions of Silage Baler

  • Before starting the machine, check whether all parts are firm and reliable, and add enough lubricating oil to start the machine.
  • Before starting the machine, you should pull the clutch handle to check the direction of rotation to see if it meets the requirements. It is strictly forbidden to reverse the machine.
  • Before each work, run the machine empty for 2~3 minutes to confirm that the machine rotates smoothly and there is no other abnormality before the load test machine.
  • This machine uses a motor as power, and a grounding wire should be installed at the grounding point of the machine.
  • It is strictly forbidden to operate this machine after drinking.

Global Case of New Type Silage Baling Machine

With excellent performance and quality, Taizy round baler and wrapper has been successfully exported to many places around the world, such as Kenya, Malaysia, Algeria, Indonesia, Georgia, Thailand, etc. Widely used in the agricultural field of various countries, they are well-loved by farmers and have strongly promoted the process of international agricultural mechanization.

Feedback Videos from Taizy Worldwide Customers on Silage Baler

Mini silage baler machine feedback from Kenya

feedback on maize baler from Kenya

Corn silage baler feedback from Georgia

feedback about rice straw baler from Georgia

Fully automatic silage baler with feeder feedback from Kenya

feedback on automatic baler from Kenya

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Want to make silage quickly and efficiently? Come and contact us, we will recommend you the most suitable equipment and give you the best offer. And we also have silage harvester and recycling machine to help you make better silage.