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Peanut Machine

Chain Type Peanut Harvester Machine for Sale

This kind of peanut harvester machine is a new type of machine developed specifically to carry out groundnut harvesting in the fields, working with the tractor. Actually, the groundnut harvesting machine has features of good performance, high efficiency, time and…

Model HS-1500
Power ≥80HP tractor
PTO splines 6 or 8
Working width 1500mm
Size 3140*1770*1150mm
Weight 498kg
Aoolication Peanuts/groundnuts

Groundnut Shelling Machine | Groundnut Shell Removing Machine | Peanut Skin Remover

Groundnuts are rich in nutrients. Not only for oil extraction but also for the food industry. In addition, it can also be eaten directly. And the premise of these is to get peanut kernels. We can do it with a…

Model TBH-200
Capacity 200kg
Power 2.2kW motor, 170F gasoline engine, 6hp diesel engine
Weight 40kg
Size 650*560*1000mm
Model TBH-400
Capacity 300-400kg/h
Power 3kW motor, 170F gasoline engine, 8hp diesel engine

Combined Groundnut Shelling and Cleaning Machine

Combined groundnut shelling and cleaning machine an upgrade of the peanut sheller, which combines cleaning and shelling. This peanut shelling machine is composed of a cleaning machine and a shelling machine. The main function of the cleaner is to remove…

Model 6BHX-1500
Capacity 700-800kg/h
Shelling rate ≥99%
Breakage rate ≤5%
Loss rate ≤0.5%
Working humidity 6.3≤12%
Motor power Level 2: 1.5kW; Level 4:3kW
Weight 520kg
Machine size 1500*1050*1460mm

Groundnut Harvester | Peanut Harvesting Equipment

Groundnut harvester is the ideal equipment for the purpose of separating peanut fruit from the soil. Commonly, the peanut harvester is mounted with the tractor, working the fields. Besides, this peanut harvesting machine has a good capacity of 0.3-0.5 acres per…

Model HS-800
Capacity 0.3-0.5 acre/h
Picking rate ≥98%
Breaking rate ≤1%
Cleaning rate ≥95%
Weight 280kg
House power 30HP
Harvester width 800 mm
Dimension 2100*1050*1030mm

Groundnut Picker | Peanut Picking Machine

Groundnut picker is an ideal machine for picking up peanuts with a capacity of 800-1000kg per hour. The power system of this peanut picker machine can be an electric motor or a diesel engine. Besides, the peanut picking machine has a picking…

Model 5HZ- 600
Size 1960*1500*1370mm
Weight 150Kg
Power 7.5kw motor,10HP diesel engine
Capacity 800-1000kg/h
Picking rate >99%
Breaking rate <1%
Impurity rate <1%

Groundnut Sowing Machine | Peanut Planter

Groundnut sowing machine is designed for groundnuts planting in the sandy land, wheat stubble land, and soft lands(no stones). The groundnut planter should work with the tractor of 40-70HP, adopting a 3-linkage suspension. Because the peanut planter itself has no power…

Model 2BH-4
Rows 4
Ridge height 10-15cm
Ridge width 60-70cm
Plant space 90-210mm
Size 1900*1800*1150mm

Combined Groundnut Sheller and Cleaner for Sale

Groundnut sheller and cleaner is combined with cleaning and threshing equipment, especially for peanuts. 6BHX- 3500 is introduced today. This peanut shelling machine unit has the latest design. Besides, the combined groundnut sheller for sale has the advantages of factory direct sales, high shelling rate,…

Model 6BHX-3500
Capacity 1500-2200kg/h
Dimension 2500*1200*2450mm
Total Weight 1000kg
Cleaning Motor 3KW
Shelling Motor 4KW;5.5KW
Cleaning Rate ≥99%
Shelling Rate ≥99%
Loss Rate ≤0.5%
Breakage Rate ≤5%
Humidity 10%

Groundnut Sheller

Groundnut sheller is specially designed for separating peanut shells and kernels, without damage to kernels. This type belongs to TBH series, and today model introduced is TBH-800. This groundnut sheller can use the electric motor, gasoline engine, or diesel engine as…

Model TBH-800
Overall dimension 1330*750*1570mm
Net weight 160kg
Productivity 600-800kg/h
Breakage rate ≤2.0%
Damage rate ≤3.0%
Peeling rate ≥98%
Power 3kW motor OR 170F gasoline engine OR 8HP diesel engine

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