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Rice Mill

Small Rice Milling Machine

The rice milling machine uses to produce white rice, for commercial and home use. This rice miller machine is cost-effective, good quality, and durable. Besides, this machine can be powered by an electric motor or diesel engine. Unlike the rice…

Model SB-10D
Power 15hp diesel engine/11kW motor
Capacity 700-1000kg/h
Net weight 230kg
Gross weight 285kg
Overall size 760*730*1735mm
Loading QTY/20GP 24sets

Emery Roller Rice Mill Machine

Emery roller rice mill machine is the ideal equipment for processing brown rice into white rice. Generally, this emery roller rice milling equipment is called as MNMS series. This rice milling machine has wide applications in the rice milling plant and…

Model MNMS15B
Capacity 0.8-1.25t/h
Power 18.5-22kW
Size 1090*580*1420mm
Model MNMS18
Capacity 2-3t/h
Power 22-30kW
Size 1245*650*1660,mm
Model MNMS25
Capacity 3.5-4.5t/h
Power 37-45kW
Size 1350*750*1800mm

Gravity Paddy Separator

Gravity paddy separator is to divide brown rice from the paddy rice according to gravity. Generally, we call it MGCZ series. In the rice processing plant, it not only improves whole rice output greatly, also promotes economic benefit enormously. There are various…

Model MGCZ80*6
Capacity 0.8-1.3t/h
Power 1.1kW
Size 1350*1000*1400mm
Model MGCZ80*7
Capacity 1.1-1.5t/h
Power 1.1kW
Size 1350*1000*1450mm
Model MGCZ100*6
Capacity 1.2-1.6t/h
Power 1.1kW
Size 1600*1250*1400mm
Model MGCZ100*7
Capacity 1.6-2.1t/h
Power 1.1kW
Size 1600*1250*1450mm
Model MGCZ100*8
Capacity 2.1-2.4t/h
Power 1.1kW
Size 1600*1250*1500mm
Model MGCZ100*10
Capacity 2.5-3.2t/h
Power 1.5kW
Size 1650*1250*1750mm
Model MGCZ100*12
Capacity 3.4-4t/h
Power 1.5kW
Size 1650*1250*1800mm
Model MGCZ100*14
Capacity 4-4.9t/h
Power 1.5kW
Size 1700*1350*1740mm
Model MGCZ100*16
Capacity 4.5-5.6t/h
Power 1.5kW
Size 1700*1350*1820mm

Rice Grader

Rice grader is separating the whole white rice and broken white rice according to size. It belongs to MMJP series white rice grader, an important role in the rice processing plant. Often, it is used in the fully automatic rice mill…

Model MMJP63*3
Capacity 0.8-1.25t/h
Power 0.75kW
Size 1462*740*1280mm
Model MMJP80*3
Capacity 1.5-2t/h
Power 1.1kW
Size 1600*1000*1315mm
Model MMJP100*3
Capacity 2.5-3.3t/h
Power 1.1kW
Size 1690*1090*1386mm
Model MMJP100*4
Capacity 2.5-3.5t/h
Power 1.1kW
Size 1690*1087*1420mm
Model MMJP112*3
Capacity 3.5-4.2t/h
Power 1.1kW
Size 1690*1208*1386mm
Model MMJP112*4
Capacity 3.5-4.5t/h
Power 1.1kW
Size 1690*1208*1420mm
Model MMJP125*3
Capacity 4.5-5t/h
Power 1.5kW
Size 1690*1458*1386mm
Model MMJP125*4
Capacity 4.5-5.2t/h
Power 1.5kW
Size 1690*1457*1420mm
Model MMJP150*4
Capacity 5.5-6t/h
Power 1.5kW
Size 1725*1580*1500mm

Vibration Cleaner

Vibration cleaner is cleaning the large, small, and light impurities from grains. Especially, in the large capacity complete rice mill plant, the paddy vibrating cleaner machine is the initial and necessary step. It’s suitable for not only paddy rice but also…

Model 100*150
Preliminary clean capacity 20 t/h
Clean capacity 8 t/h
Power 0.37*2 kW
Size(L*W*H) 2100*1500*1500mm
Weight 650kg
Model 125*2000
Preliminary clean capacity 40 t/h
Clean capacity 10 t/h
Power 0.55*2 kW
Size(L*W*H) 2640*1860*1500mm
Weight 800kg
Model 150*2000
Preliminary clean capacity 50 t/h
Clean capacity 15 t/h
Power 0.55*2 kW
Size(L*W*H) 2640*2160*1500mm
Weight 900kg
Model 180*2000
Preliminary clean capacity 80 t/h
Clean capacity 20 t/h
Power 0.75*2 kW
Size(L*W*H) 2640*2460*1500mm
Weight 980kg

60TPD Rice Mill Processing Plant

60TPD rice mill processing plant is rice processing equipment with a capacity of 60t per day. This rice mill processing unit features a high rate of fine rice and a low broken rate due to advanced technology. It integrates destoning, rice…

Machine brand Taizy
Model MCTP60
Processing capacity 2200-2600kg/h
Application Paddy rice
Power 143kw
Size 13500*2900*4500mm
Service Customization; After-sales service; Drawing of rice mill; etc

38TPD Rice Processing Plant

38TPD rice processing plant is an ideal plant for the large output of rice milling. Because it can produce white rice for 38t per day, it has high efficiency. It’s very suitable for rice factories, farm owners, etc. It’s designed to…

Machine name Combined cleaner
Processing capacity 2-2.5t/h
Rotating speed 960r/min
Power 2*0.25kW
Machine name Rice huller
Processing capacity 2t/h
Rotating speed 1228-1673r/min,1108-1362r/min
Power 5.5kW
Machine name Gravity separator
Processing capacity 1.5-2.3t/h
Rotating speed 255±15r/min
Power 1.1kW
Machine name Rice miller
Processing capacity 1-1.3t/h
Rotating speed 1290r/min
Power 22/18.5kW
Machine name White rice grader
Processing capacity 1.5-2t/h
Rotating speed 150±15r/min
Power 0.75kW
Machine name Elevator
Processing capacity 2-3t/h
Rotating speed 159r/min
Power 0.75kW

15TPD Rice Mill Plant with Package

15TPD rice mill plant with package integrates destoning, rice hulling, paddy rice separating, first rice milling, second rice milling, white rice grading, and packaging. From this process, it’s clearly found that the paddy rice is milled twice. So, you can get…

Machine name Elevator
Model TDTG18/07
Machine name Destoner
Model ZQS50
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Bowler
Model 4-72
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Double elevator
Model TDTG18/07*2
Machine name Rice husker
Model LG15
Power 4kw
Machine name Paddy rice separator
Model MGCZ70*5
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Rice milling machine
Model NS150
Power 15kw

20TPD Rice Milling Plant

20TPD rice milling plant is processing the paddy rice into white rice, production of 20t per day. This is the basic type, including the feed hopper, elevator, destoner, rice huller, gravity separator, and rice miller. It’s fully automatic rice milling plant,…

Machine name Elevator
Model TDTG18/08
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Cleaner
Model SCQY40
Power 0.55kw
Machine name Destoner
Model ZQS50A
Power 1.1kw
Machine name Blower
Model 4-72
Power 1.5kw
Machine name Double elevator
Model TDTG18/08*2
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Rice husker
Model LG15A
Power 4kw
Machine name Gravity separator
Model MGCZ70*5A
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Rice miller
Model NS150
Power 15kw

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