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Bean Peeling Machine

As the name implies, the bean peeling machine is a skin removing machine specializing in the development of a variety of beans, invented by our company according to the market demand. It is mainly applicable to the peeling and separation…

Model TZ-10
Weight 200kg
Size 190*140*75cm
Capacity 300-400kg/h
Power 5.5kW +1.5kW
Model S18
Power 15kW
Capacity 500kg/g
Size 1800*1200*2150mm

Oil Press Machine | Oil Extraction Machine

Edible oil is inseparable from people's daily life. Edible oil requires an oil press for extraction. Therefore, investing in oil press machine can bring huge profits to investors. As a professional oil press manufacturer and supplier, our oil expeller covers…

Model 6YL-60
Screw diameter Φ55mm
Screw rotating speed 64r/min
Main power 2.2kW
Vacuum pump power 0.75kW
Heating power 0.9kW
Capacity 40-60kg/h
Weight 220kg
Size 1200*480*1100mm

Groundnut Oil Making Machine | Oil Press Machine for Sunflower, Beans

Groundnut oil making machine is processing raw materials like groundnut into edible oil. Raw materials for this groundnut oil press machine can be soybeans, cotton seeds, rapeseed, sunflower seed, etc. Generally speaking, this oil extraction machine is hot pressed. Hot pressing means…

Model 6YL-70
Screw dia. φ70mm
Screw speed 37r/min
Motor power 3kW
Capacity 45-70kg/h
Weight 320kg
Size 1450*870*1180mm
Model 6YL-100
Screw dia. Φ100mm
Screw speed 37r/min
Motor power 7.5kW
Capacity 150-230kg/h
Weight 1100kg
Size 1800*1200*1550mm
Model 6YL-125
Screw dia. Φ125mm
Screw speed 35r/min
Motor power 15kW
Capacity 300-400kg/h
Weight 1500kg
Size 2300*1300*2200mm

Two Wheel Drive Walking Type tractor

Walking type tractor is an essential 2 wheel farm walking tractor, capable of operating many different implements. Walk-behind tractor supplies the power sources, widely used worldwide. The hand tractor has advantages of multi functions, easy operation, compact structure. Besides, this walking…

Item 15HP walking tractor
Engine model ZS1100
Engine Type Single, horizontal, water cooled, four stroke
Starting method electric start
Combustion System direct injection
Cooling way  Evaporative
Power  1 hour  12.13kw/16hp;  12 hour 11.03kw/15hp
Dimensions(LxWxH) 2680×960×1250mm
Min.Ground Distance 185mm
Wheel base 580-600mm
Weight 350kg
Tire Model 6.00-12
Tire Pressure Field Work 80~200(0.8~2.0kgf/cm2); Transportation Work 140~200(1.4~2.0kgf/cm2 )
Triangle belt 4pcs B1880

Watermelon and Pumpkin Seed Harvester

Pumpkin seed harvester is mainly used for harvesting and deseeding pumpkins. This pumpkin seed extractor has three options for power, respectively POT, motor, and diesel engine. Customers can choose the suitable one based on the actual situation. Besides, the pumpkin harvester…

Model 5TZ-500
Dimension 2500*2000*1800mm
Weight 400kg
Working speed 4-6km/h
Capacity 300-500kg/h
Cleaning rate ≥85%
Breaking rate ≤5%
Min power 30hp
Max power 50hp
R.P.M 540
Connect way Three point linkage

Sesame Peeling Machine | Automatic Sesame Seed Hulling Machine

Sesame peeling machine is specially designed for dehulling sesame seeds for various usages, mostly in food industries. This sesame hulling machine combines the cleaning and sesame skin removing, better to get the high-quality sesame. Also, the sesame dehuller has the dehulling…

Model TPFL-120
Power Dehulling motor 2.2kW,Separating motor 1.5 kW
Capacity 400-500kg/h, 30-50kg/barrel
Dehullling rate 80%-85%
Weight 500kg
Size 1400*700*2000mm

Vegetable Seed Planter

Vegetable seed planter is designed for sowing various vegetable seeds. Its applications cover almost all kinds of vegetable seeds, such as beets seeds, kale seeds, broccoli seeds, mustard seeds, etc. This vegetable seed planter has very simple structure, easy operation, and long…

Model SC-9
Rows 1-14
Seeds spinach,carrot,celery etc.
Power gasoline engine
Packing size 116*126*87cm
Weight 160kg

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