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Big Size Peanut Picker Transported to Italy

Taizy new wet and dry peanut picker is a new product designed by our company in combination with the needs of modern rural production, the organization of technical…

Fish Feed Making Machine Sold to Côte d’Ivoire

The fish feed making machine, generally speaking, also known as the floating fish feed pellet machine, is used to make various feed pellets for pets, aquatic animals, birds,…

Bangladesh Customer Bought Silage Baler Machine

The silage baler and wrapper machine is a good helper for storing silage. It is equipped with an electric motor for use. If the power supply is not…

4 Sets of Fish Food Machine Shipped to Peru

This fish food pellet mill, also known as the pellet feed machine, or poultry feed pellet mill, belongs to the feed pelleting equipment. It is a feed processing…

Automatic Screw Oil Press Delivered to Niger

The fully automatic screw oil extraction machine adopts the humanized design, easier to use, opening a new era of oil extraction. Also, this machine can easily squeeze and…

Walking Tractor and Its Attachments Sold to Burkina Faso

The walking tractor is popular in the world's towns and villages as a means of transport and agricultural machinery, powered by diesel engines. Its small and flexible and…

Nigerian Customer Bought 15T Rice Milling Unit

The rice milling unit can complete the continuous operation from net grain hulling to white rice milling, while the grain hull is discharged from the machine, fine bran…

Dog Food Making Machine Sold to Angola

As the name suggests, the dog food making machine is mainly for the production of dog food. In fact, essentially the name of the machine is called fish…

Chaff Cutter and Crusher Sold to Côte d’Ivoire

This hay cutter machine is specially designed to perform the cutting of various grasses and straws to be used as silage for animals. This chaff cutter machine crushes…

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We have rich experience in exporting, provide the thoughtful services, and high-quality products.

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As a leading and professional agricultural machines manufacturer and provider, Taizy Agro Machine Co., Ltd, we consider “For Farmers, For Agriculture, For Better Life” as our slogan to serve our customers. Besides, we have rich experience in exporting agricultural machines for more than 15 years. ......


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We offer 24h online service, and are online for 7 days in one week. Whenever you come to us, we're able to respond very soon.

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Video support, online guidance, manual, etc. A series of online and offline support is attached with the machine. Even, our technician can visit your site to help according to the situations.

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We carry out a set of strict quality control system to monitor and guarantee the machine quality. Such as, we adopt the high-quality raw material to manufacture the machine. Also, our customers are satisfied with our machines.

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Our products have CE certificates. This strongly expresses our machines have the great strength to compete in the world markets.

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