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Nursery & Transplanter

Automatic Paddy Rice Nursery Seedling Machine

Taizy's rice nursery seedling machine is specially designed for rice cultivation, mainly for various kinds of rice seedling raising. This machine has high efficiency and can carry out 969-1017 trays of seedling raising in an hour. It is a nursery…

Model TZY-280A
Capacity 969-1017trays/hour
Power 240kw for deliver 120kw for seeding
Seedbed soil auxiliary funnel 45L
Seed funnel 30L
Seedbed soil auxiliary funnel 45L
Sowing quantity(Hybrid rice) 95~304.5g/tray
Size 6830*460*1020mm
Weight 190kg

Rice Transplanter for Planting Paddy Seedlings

The rice transplanter is a specialized machine for planting rice seedlings into paddy fields, which saves labor and facilitates the smooth running of subsequent work. We have three types of rice transplanters: 4-row, 6-row, and 8-row. The 4-row and 6-row…

Model CY-4
Number of transplanting row 4
Power YAMAHA gasoline engine
Dimension 1950*1250*1300mm
Engine rotating speed 1800r/min
Row to Row distance 300mm
Plant to Plant distance 120/140/160/180/210mm
Transplanting efficiency 0.5 Acres/h
Gross weight 165 kg

Automatic Nursery Seeding Machine for Seed Planting

The function of the nursery seedling machine is to cultivate the seedlings of various vegetables, fruits, and flowers. It can be used with transplanting machine to carry out the next transplanting work. Our automatic seed sowing machine has the advantages…

Model KMR-78
Capacity 200tray/h
Size 1050*650*1150mm
Weight 68kg
Material carbon steel
The material of nozzle Aluminum alloy

Vegetable Transplanter | Vegetable Seedling Transplanter | Seedling Transplanter Machine

As the name suggests, the vegetable transplanter is specially transplanting various vegetables, fruits, and flower seedlings. Seed transplanter machines are available in a wide range of rows, from 2-12 rows. This is a custom machine that can exactly fit your…

Model 2ZBZ-2
Plant spacing 200-500mm
Row spacing 300-500mm
Capacity 1000-1400㎡/h
Row 2
Power 4.05kW
Model 2ZBZ-4
Plant spacing 200-500mm
Row spacing 150-300mm
Capacity 1400-2000㎡/h
Row 4
Power 4.05kW

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