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Silage Machine

Horizontal Feed Mixer for Silage as Cattle, Sheep Feed

Taizy's horizontal feed mixer is a silage processing machine that integrates grinding and mixing. In this part of silage processing, this machine is often used as an auxiliary machine together with other machines to maximize the efficiency and quality of…

Model TMR-5
Matched power 11-15kw
Mixing bin volume 5m³
Rotation speed 23.5r/min
Weight 1600kg
Dimension 3930*1850*2260mm

2 Cylinder Hydraulic Hay Baler for Pressing Square bales

This hydraulic hay baler is used for baling various silage materials such as straw, pine straws, grass, etc. to form square bales. It is often called a 2-cylinder hydraulic silage baler machine because it has 2 hydraulic cylinders. The silage…

Model 9YF-5B
Power 15kw electric motor or 28hp diesel engine
Cylinder diameter 2*168mm
Capacity 90-120bales/h
Square bale weight (fresh straw) 60-70kg/bale
Number of bale to be pushed 1-3 nos (adjustable)
Machine weight 1500kg

Self Propelled Baler | Hay Cutter and Baler

The self propelled baler is an agricultural machine that integrates "picking, cutting and baling". This hay cutter and baler machine can not only work in low-lying areas, but also feed the material more smoothly and not easily blocked. Besides, this…

Model 9YY80
Bundled size 80cm*100cm
Harvested width 1.3m
Net size 2000m*105cm
Tractor equipped More than 70hp
Model 9YY100
Bundled size 100cm*125cm
Harvested width 1.8m
Net size 3000m*125cm
Tractor equipped More than 90hp

Straw Cutting Machine | Multipurpose Chaff Cutter

This kind of straw cutting machine belongs to the 9ZR series. It is a new generation of multifunctional chaff cutter and shredder designed and manufactured by our company based on the advanced technology of similar products in the society and…

Model 9ZR-2.5
Power 3-4.5kW
Capacity 2500kg/h
Size 1350*490*750mm
Weight 67kg
Model 9ZR-3.8A
Power 3-4.5kW
Capacity 3800kg/h
Size 1650*550*900mm
Weight 88kg

Straw Baling Machine | Round Straw Baler | Square Straw Baler

The main function of the straw baling machine is to bale the straw left after the harvest in the field as feed. The straw baler machine has a wide range of applications in the field of silage, and is good…

Model ST80*100
Weigh 680kg
Power of tracto More than 40hp
Bale Size Φ800*1000mm
Overall Dimension 1.63*1.37*1.43m
Baler weight 40-50kg
Capacity 1.3-1.65acre/h

Forage Chopper | Fodder Cutter Machine

The 9Z series forage chopper is a special design for silage, as its function is to cut all kinds of dry and wet grasses, straws, stalks, etc. The processed product can be used to feed cattle, sheep, deer, horses, and…

Model 9Z-0.4
Supporting power 2.2-3kW electric motor or 170F gasoline engine
Motor speed 2800rpm
Machine weight 60kg(excluding motor)
Dimensions 1050*490*790mm
Production efficiency 400-1000kg/h
Number of blades 4/6pcs
Feeding method automatic feeding
Cutting length 10-35mm
Structure type drum type

Straw Cutter and Grain Grinder

This series of straw cutter and grain grinder achieves multi-purpose use, allowing for guillotine and grain crushing. This guillotine features high performance, low noise, high output, safety and stability, high efficiency, low energy consumption, sturdiness and durability. The chaff cutter…

Model 9ZF-500B (New Type)
Matching screens 4pcs(2/3/10/30)
Matching power 3kW motor
Motor speed 2800rpm
Machine weight 68kg(excluding motor)
Rated voltage 220V
Machine output 1200kg/h
Overall dimensions 1220*1070*1190mm

Chaff Cutter and Grain Grinder

This chaff cutter and grain grinder machine is our upgraded product for grass cutting and grain grinding. 9ZRF series machines are simple in structure, reasonable in design and easy to operate. This straw cutter and grain crusher machine can carry…

Model 9ZRF-3.8
Power two-phase 4.5kW, three-phase 3kW
Capacity 3800kg/h
Blade length 220*70*6mm
Blade quantity 5
Overall size 1700*1200*1500mm
Model 9ZRF-4.8
Power two-phase 4.5kW, three-phase 3kW
Capacity 4000kg/h
Blade length 280*70*6mm
Blade quantity 5
Overall size 1950*1200*1800mm

3 Cylinder Hydraulic Silage Baler

3 cylinder hydraulic silage baler functions to compact, bundle, and pack hay straw into square shapes. From its name, it has 3 hydraulic cylinders to carry out the baling works. But for the power supply, this hydraulic press baler only utilizes…

Model 9YK-130
Power 22kw
Displacement of Oil Cylinder 80L/min
Normal Pressure of Oil Cylinder 18Mpa
Bale Size 700*400*300mm
Bundling Efficiency 6-8t/h
Bale Density 800-1100kg/m3
Weight 2600kg/h
Dimension 4300*2800*2000mm
Speed of Bundling Piston 4-8m/min

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