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Combined Peanut Groundnut Shelling and Cleaning Machine

Combined peanut groundnut shelling and cleaning machine

Product Parameters

Model 6BHX-1500
Capacity 700-800kg/h
Shelling rate ≥99%
Breakage rate ≤5%
Loss rate ≤0.5%
Working humidity 6.3≤12%
Motor power Level 2: 1.5kW; Level 4:3kW
Weight 520kg
Machine size 1500*1050*1460mm
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Combined groundnut shelling and cleaning machine an upgrade of the peanut sheller, which combines cleaning and shelling. This peanut shelling machine is composed of a cleaning machine and a shelling machine. The main function of the cleaner is to remove impurities, which is convenient for the next step of shelling work. The groundnut sheller is used to remove peanut shells. The combination of this machine only greatly improves production efficiency, but also saves time and manpower. Moreover, this groundnut shelling machine is a large output peanut sheller, which is suitable for large-yield groundnut shelling work.

This machine is often asked by people from Sudan, Ghana, Turkey, and Central Asia. In addition, we have successfully exported machines to countries such as Senegal, India, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Italy, and Bahrain.

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Working Video of Combined Groundnut Sheller and Cleaner

From this video, you can understand how the combined groundnut sheller works. Besides, you can better know how to choose the suitable combined groundnut shelling and cleaning machine to benefit your business.

Four Types of Combined Groundnut Shelling and Cleaning Machine

As a professional manufacturer and producer of agricultural equipment, we offer many types of peanut shelling and cleaning machine, 6BHX-1500, 6BHX-3500, 6BHX-16000 and 6BHX-20000, our combiend peanut sheller is a machine that removes the stones and cleans the peanuts before shelling them, it’s very efficient. If you’re interested in it, please contact us, and we will recommend the most suitable peanut cleaner and sheller for you. the most suitable equipment.

Technical Data of Combined Peanut Groundnut Shelling and Cleaning Machine

ModelCapacity(kg/h)Shelling rate(%)Breakage rate(%)Loss rate(%)Working humidity(%)Motor powerWeight (kg)Machine size(mm)
6BHX-1500700-800≥99≤5≤0.56.3≤12Level 2: 1.5kW
Level 4:3kW
6BHX-35001500-2200≥99≤5≤0.56.3≤12Level 2: 4kW
Level 6: 5.5kW
6BHX-160002500-3500≥99≤5≤0.56.3≤12Level 2: 11kW
Level 6: 11kW
Level 6: 4kW
6BHX-200005000-8000≥99≤5≤0.56.3≤12Level 2: 15kW
Level 6: 15kW
Level 6: 4kW
industrial peanut sheller unit parameters

Structure of Combined Groundnut Groundnut Shelling Machine

Our industrial peanut sheller machine consists of destoner and shelling machine, the details are feeder, outlet(impurities, peanut kernels), conveying lifter, motor, wheels, etc. Please refer to the below pictures to learn more about it.

Working Steps of Industrial Peanut Shelling Machine


Peanuts are fed into the combined groundnut shelling and cleaning machine. During the feeding stage, the peanuts are conveyed into the destoner, usually using a conveyor belt.


During the cleaning stage of the peanut sheller unit, it can remove the impurities from peanuts like soil, stone, etc.


The main task is to remove the shell from the peanut. Our groundnut shelling machine usually employs rollers, screens, and other structures to separate the peanut shells from the kernels by friction, extrusion, or other means. The effectiveness of this step is directly related to the performance of the shelling unit and the integrity of the peanut kernel.

Cleaning and Separation of Kernels

After shelling, the peanut kernels and any remaining shell pieces or debris pass through a cleaning and separation step that ensures that only clean peanut kernels pass through and the remaining shells or debris are eliminated.


The final step is to collect the shelled peanut kernels, usually by placing bags or collection containers at the peanut kernel outlet.

Analysis of Groundnut Shelling Unit

Market Analysis

With the continuous development of society, people are more and more fond of high-efficiency and high-quality machines, and the combination peanut shelling machine can produce cleaner peanut kernels with a higher peeling rate. In addition, the peanut shells separated by this machine can also be used for other functions, such as fuel. Peanut kernels can be used to extract oil, eat raw, make porridge, etc. Therefore, in the fuel industry and the food industry, this combined groundnut shelling and cleaning machine has this positive effect. And these applications are indispensable, providing great business opportunities for this machine.

combined groundnut sheller and leaner market demands

Analysis of Peanut Shelling Machine Price

When you buy peanut shelling equipment, you will consider various aspects, such as machine cost, labor cost, and the cost of an individual peanut sheller. Of course, combined groundnut shelling and cleaning machines with different capacities have different prices. You can send your message to Taizy Agro Machine, our professionals will provide you with reasonable advice.

Strengths of Combined Groundnut Sheller for Sale

Large output and mass production

The minimum output of this groundnut shelling unit is 700-800 kilograms per hour, and the yield is high. Thus, you can do the big peanut projects and produce large output peanut kernels. This combined groundnut shelling and cleaning machine is a good choice.

High shelling rate and low breakage rate and loss rate

From the above information, we can clearly know that the shelling rate reaches 99%, while the breakage rate is ≤5%, and the loss rate is ≤0.5%. This groundnut shelling machine has great performance. So, the combined groundnut shelling and cleaning machine is worth purchasing for your business.

equipped sieves

Efficient and environmentally friendly operation

This combined groundnut shelling and cleaning machine has historically groundbreaking internal structure, at the same time reducing functional consumption. At the same time, it improves work efficiency, makes the machine operation more simple, and is environmentally friendly. Thus, it is the most rational equipment for peanut processing households to get rich.

Applications of Large Output Peanut Sheller

This combined peanut shelling and cleaning machine can get groundnut shells, also groundnut kernels.

For groundnut shells, they can be produced into peanut shell pellet fuel. Generally speaking, it’s a relatively hot biomass briquette fuel, mainly used to replace high-polluting coal for clean combustion. Of course, it belongs to Eco-friendly boiler fuel.

Groundnut-peanut shells-pellet as fuel
groundnut-peanut shells-pellet as fuel

For peanut kernels, they can be produced into groundnut oil by the oil press machine. In fact, peanut oil is a very good edible oil. So, the main usage of peanut kernels is for oil extraction. However, the oil residue is a high-quality raw material for processing and making peanut protein.

Peanut-groundnut kernels-groundnut oil
peanut-groundnut kernels-groundnut oil

All in all, when using the combined groundnut shelling and cleaning machine, even the shells, also have great functions.

Why Choosing Taizy Agro as Top Choice for Combined Groundnut Shelling and Cleaning Machine?

  1. Taizy combined groundnut shelling and cleaning machine has CE certificate, which has been officially recognized. It greatly guarantees the quality of the machine.
  2. Professional advice to customers. Our sales manager has the expertised knowledge about the combined groundnut shelling mad cleaning machine, also other agricultural machines. They can offer professional and suitable suggestions for customers, accelerating transactions.
  3. After-sales service. We have great after-sales service to prevent various problems appearing to obtrude your use.

Global Cases of Combined Groundnut Shelling and Cleaning Machine for Sale

6BHX-1500 Combined Groundnut Sheller Exported to Zimbabwe

Our sales manager Coco received an inquiry about the combined groundnut shelling machine from Zimbabwe. Initially, he requested the 6BHX-3500 information. But learning the relevant data, he turned to the 6BHX-1500 combined groundnut shelling and cleaning machine. During the conversation, he repeatedly confirmed the production and the payment method. Also, he really wanted to come to China to visit the factory. But unfortunately, the international situation stopped him. Finally, Coco came to the factory and sent him the video. Both reached an agreement. After receiving the groundnut shelling unit, of course, he was very satisfied.

6BHX-1500 peanut sheller with cleaner

6BHX-20000 Automatic Groundnut Cleaning and Shelling Machine for Ghana

6BHX-3500 High Cleaning Rate Combined Peanut Cleaner and Sheller for Pakistan

6BHX-3500 Industrial Combined Groundnut shelling and cleaning machine for Mexico

6BHX-1500 Hot Sale Groundnut Shelling and Cleaning Machine for Tajikistan

Customer Feedback Video of High Yield Groundnut Shelling and Cleaning Machine

Tajikistan feedback on industrial peanut shelling machine
Ghana feedback about groundnut sheller and cleaner

FAQ of Big Electric Automatic Groundnut Shell Removal Separator

Is the output of combined groundnut shelling and cleaning machine peanuts or peanut kernels?

Peanut kernels.

How many motors are available for one combined peanut shelling machine?

Three for 6BHX-1500 and 6BHX-3500; five for 6BHX-16000 and 6BHX-20000.

How many machine outlets?

Two exhaust outlets in the upper part of the machine, which is the wind brought by the exhaust fan when it lifts up
One outlet in the middle of the elevator, for peanut stalks
One outlet for peanut kernels

What are the accessories?

Screens, triangle belt, wind wheels and rotors.

How much KW does the motor have?

For 6BHX-1500: 1.5+3+2.2
For 6BHX-3500: 4+5.5+3
For 6BHX-16000: 11+11+4+5.5+5.5
For 6BHX-20000: 15+15+4+5.5+5.5

Can it be equipped with elevator?

Cleaning machine can be matched with elevator which is slope type, height can be adjusted, speed can not be adjusted, the hopper has a valve to control discharge.
Motor is 0.75KW.