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Automatic Nursery Seeding Machine for Seed Planting

Automatic nursery seeding machine for seed planting

Product Parameters

Model KMR-78
Capacity 200tray/h
Size 1050*650*1150mm
Weight 68kg
Material carbon steel
The material of nozzle Aluminum alloy
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The function of the nursery seedling machine is to cultivate the seedlings of various vegetables, fruits, and flowers. It can be used with transplanting machine to carry out the next transplanting work. Our automatic seed sowing machine has the advantages of high quality, flexibility, and efficiency. Besides, our seed dispenser machine has CE certificate. The automatic seeding machine is very popular among foreign countries and regions, such as USA, Canada, Morocco, Kenya, Thailand, Australia, Nigeria, etc. If you have an interest, welcome to contact us for more details!

Automatic Tray Seeder for Sale

Being a professional nursery seeding machine company, we have three types of nursery seedling machines for your choice. Of course, we put additional functions based on these three types. Now, let me introduce them one by one.

Type One: KMR-78 Hand Seeding Machine

From its name and machine appearance, you can clearly know that this is a manual tray seeder machine. This kind of nursery seedling machine is made of carbon steel and works with the air compressor. This semi-automatic nursery seeding machine has a capacity of 200 trays per hour.

manual nursery seeder

Semi-automatic Nursery Seedling Machine Structure

The manual tray seeder machine has very simple structure, including the nozzle, tray workbench, air compressor connection.

Structure of kmr-78 nursery seedling machine
structure of KMR-78 nursery seedling machine

How to Correctly Use Seeding Machine for Nursery?

By carrying out the operation of the manual tray seeder machine correctly, you will not only increase the seed sowing rate and improve the seedling rate, but also prolong the service life of the machine. Please watch the following video for more information on how to do this, it will help you a lot.

Technical Parameters of Manual Seeder Machine

Materialcarbon steel
The material of nozzleAluminum alloy
manual nursery seeding machine parameters

List of Vulnerable Parts

NamemodalVulnerable reason
Air control valve3A110-06-NCFrequent working
Suction nozzle0.5-07Bending deformation and blocking
key parts list

Type Two: KMR-78-2 Automatic Seeding Machine

KMR-78-2 seed dispenser machine is automatically completing the soil covering, brushing, digging, sowing, and soil covering and brushing again. Because of the removable three parts, we can allocate them according to the customers’ demands.

Automatic seeding machine-kmr-78-2
automatic seeding machine

Automatic Tray Seeder Machine Design

structure-KMR-78-2 seeder machine
1. soil container2. layer board3. dug a hole4. put seed into tray5. conveyor for tray
6. soil container7. put seeds into hole8. absorb seed9. adjust speed for brush10. adjust speed
11. adjust seed for soil12. adjust speed for brush13. adjust speed14. adjust speed for soil

Technical Parameters of Tray Seeder Machine

Capacity 500-600trays/hour
Principle Electrical and air compressor
Size 4800*800*1600mm
Weight weight
Material Stainless steel
Voltage220V /110V 600w
Size for seed0.2-15mm
Width of tray≤540mm
Suitable tray32/50/72/104/105/128/200cell
nursery seeder machine parameters

Type Three: KMR-80 Automatic Nursery Seeding Machine

This nursery seedling machine adopts the stainless steel material, dural and long service life. What’s more, you can add nutrients to the soil. This kind of soil is very beneficial to the seed growing. If you are interested, please contact us at any time for more details!

Vegetable nursery seeder machine
vegetable nursery seeder machine

Nursery Seedling Machine Design

The automatic nursery sowing machine has two parts and can be dissembled. One part has integrated the soil covering, digging, and seed sowing. Another part is the soil covering. You can remove based on your own demands.

structure of KMR-80-nursery seeder machine

Technical Parameters of Taizy Nursery Seedling Machine

Voltage/power220v, 600w, 300w
The maximum size for seedling traysWidth:320mm
The size of the seed0.3-12mm
Voltage/power220v / 225w
nursery seeding machine parameters

Optional Nursery Seeder Machine Configurations

Option 1: Nursery Seed Wowing Machine with Watering

Our nursery seedling machine is constantly evolving, and this one not only excels in the sowing process, but also comes with an intelligent watering function. By combining sowing and watering, this nursery seed sowing machine provides an ideal growing environment for the seeds and further improves the success rate of seedling raising. This technological innovation has injected new vigor into modern agriculture.

Option 2: Vegetable Nursery Seeder Machine with Seedling Trays Collection

This automatic tray seeder machine is not only efficient at sowing, but it is also equipped with a seedling tray collection system. After sowing, the seedling trays can be collected quickly and efficiently, ready for the next round of sowing. This design not only improves consistency of operation, but also reduces the grower’s workload.

Option 3: Automatic Tray Seeding Machine with Conveyor

This automatic seed sowing machine uses advanced conveyor belt technology. During the sowing process, the conveyor belt transports the substrate precisely and efficiently, ensuring continuity of the sowing process. This automated technology greatly simplifies the entire planting process and increases productivity.

Advantages of Nursery Seedling Machine for Sale

  1. Complete tools. The toolbox is well-equipped and covers almost all tools.
  2. The suction nozzle is intact. Different seeds require different suction needles, we have 5 sets of suction needles, covering almost all seeds.
  3. The machine can complete automatic drilling and sowing, saving manpower.
  4. High emergence rate, low loss rate.
  5. The plug plate has a high degree of adaptation. Whether it is a black plug tray or a white plug tray, whether it is a PE material or an EPS material, it is available.

Applications of Automatic Nursery Seeding Machine

The nursery seedling machine has a wide range of applications, such as melons, vegetables, and fruits. Details are as shown below:

Applications of automatic nursery seeding machine
Applications of Automatic Nursery Seeding Machine

Why Choose Taizy as Top Choice for Nursery Seedling Machine?

We have been in this area for more than 10 years. In the international market, we certainly have our unique competitiveness.

  1. CE certificate. Our seedling machines are CE certificated, which proves that our machines meet the standards and are compliant when exported to any country.
  2. Customized machine. This machine can be completely customized according to the customer’s needs, so don’t worry about not meeting your own needs.
  3. No after-sales problems. Because we will be equipped with 5 sets of suction nozzles with the machine, and the toolbox is also fully equipped, hence there will be almost no after-sales problems.

Maintenance of Nursery Seedling Machine from Taizy

  1. Save surplus seeds and clean the nursery seeder machine after planting.
  2. Clean carefully when the machine is off use for a long time. Inject motor oil in linking components and grease to chain and wheel. Put this machine in the dry and airing area.
  3. Lubricate camshaft and linkage sowing area.

Successful Case: Automatic Nursery Seedling Machine Exported to Canada

The Canadian client contacted us via WhatsApp and told us he wanted an automatic nursery seeder machine to breed the melon seedlings. So, our sales manager knew that the Canadian client wanted a melon seedling machine. Owing to his demands for automation, the sales manager recommended the KMR-78-2 and KMR-80. Also, the sales manager introduced the machine’s function, performance, and working principle to him. The Canadian client required the machine’s photos and videos. After learning them, the client decided to buy MR-78-2, because he thought this type fit his demands, and he liked its appearance. Finally, we reached cooperation and we packed the machine and sent it to its destination.

Clients Visited Seed Planting Machine Factory

If you need, you can also come to our factory in China for a visit. We will prepare the invitation letter for you, provide pick-up and drop-off service, as well as hotel booking and accompany you throughout the whole journey. Below are pictures and videos of our Zambian customers visiting the nursery seedling machine factory.

Factory Visit Video from Zambian Clients

Package & Delivery and Feedback Video from Kenya

Working Video on Automatic Seeding Machine