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30TPD Rice Mill Production Line

30tpd rice mill production line

30TPD rice mill production line is a large output production line for rice milling. This rice mill plant has the capacity of 30t per day. Besides, it’s fully automatic production line, saving labor and time. It also has two layers of platforms: the upper is for check and maintenance, the lower is for work. At the same time, it has high work efficiency, which can satisfy your various business requirements. But you need to attention that this complete 30tdp rice mill production line has two or three rice mill machines. It depends on your demands. According to your rice factory scale, you can choose flexibly. This rice mill plant can benefit your business because it helps you get whiter and higher-quality rice for sale. Do you need one to facilitate your business? Please contact us for more information!

30tpd rice mill production line
30tpd rice mill production line

Structure of 30t Rice Mill Plant for Sale

Combined cleaner, destoner, rice huller, paddy rice separator, first rice mill machine, second rice mill machine, third rice mill machine, white rice grader, rice water polisher, color sorter, packing machine


Features of Complete 30t Rice Mill Machine Plant

  • Complete automatic 30tpd rice mill production line, high efficiency output.
  • Great design of modern rice mill, easy to maintain and operate.
  • Compact structure, stable performance, high quality white rice.
  • The rice output rate is around 70%, and the broken rice rate is 2%.
  • Low power consumption.
  • The rice mill plant can be customized on the basis of the customers’ needs.

What Functions of Combined Cleaner?

Compared to other production lines, like the 15tdp rice mill production line, this 30t automatic rice processing plant has the combined cleaner. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we recommend the combined cleaner for the large rice mill production line. It mainly functions to remove the big and small impurities.  Because some impurities come into the paddy rice during the harvesting.

The working principle relies on the sieve. The combined cleaner is to remove the impurities in accordance with the hole size of the sieve.  

Choose Multiple Rice Milling

For the large rice mill production line, the rice mill plant always adopts multiple rice millings. There are two reasons:

  1. Multiple rice milling can efficiently reduce the broken rice rate, ensuring the whole white rice quality.
  2. Also, it can guarantee the large output.

Based on the above reasons, the large rice mill production line, not only 30tpd production line, can utilize multi rice milling to achieve the required goal.

multiple rice milling

Why Use Air Compressor?

When you purchase the complete 30tpd rice mill plant production line, the air compressor is necessary. In this production line, color sorter, rice water polisher and packing machine should use the air compressor. The reasons are as below:

  1. After color sorting, the air compressor blows out the unqualified rice.
  2. For the rice water polisher, the air compressor functions to form water mist, cool down and blow away dust.
  3. Concerning the packing machine, two functions of the air compressor are to control blanking quantity and clip the bags.
air compressor

Which Places are Applicable?

  1. Rice factories.
  2. Farmland owners.
  3. Distributors/agents.

In our Taizy Machine Company, we not only supply 30tdp rice mill production line, but also 15tpd production line, 20tpd production line, etc.