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15TPD Complete Rice Mill Production Line

15tpd complete rice mill production line

Product Parameters

Machine name Elevator
Model TDTG18/07
Machine name Destoner
Model ZQS50
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Bowler
Model 4-72
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Double elevator
Model TDTG18/07*2
Machine name Rice husker
Model LG15
Power 4kw
Machine name Paddy rice separator
Model MGCZ70*5
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Rice milling machine
Model NS150
Power 15kw

15TPD complete rice mill production line can process paddy rice into national standard rice in one process. It’s fully automatic rice mill plant with a capacity of 15t per day. So, this is an ideal rice milling plant for the rice processing factories, benefiting your businesses.

Also, this automatic rice mill production line can complete a series of procedures, destoning, husking, screening, rice milling, rice polishing, grading, color sorting, packing. And then, you can get high-quality rice for sale.

If you’re running a rice mill factory, maybe you need this production line to make more profits. Welcome to contact us and we’ll offer suitable solutions to you very soon!

15tpd rice mill production line
15tpd rice mill production line

Structure of 15TPD Complete Rice Mill Production Line for Sale

15ton per day rice production line is hot sale commercial rice mill plant, a basic complete rice hulling and milling process machines. Also, it consists of elevator, destoner, rice husker, gravity separator, rice mill machine, rice polisher, white rice grader, color sorter, packing machine. Among these, the sequence of the rice polisher and white rice grader can be interchangeable. It depends on your demands.

Structure of 15tpd complete rice mill production line
structure of 15tpd complete rice mill production line

Work Flow of Complete Rice Mill Production Line

Feed hopper→elevator→destoner→double elevator→rice husker→double elevator→gravity paddy rice separator→rice mill machine→elevator→rice polisher→elevator→white rice grader→elevator→color sorter→elevator→weighing and packing machine

Functions of Each Machine Part

Destoner: remove the stone and impurities from the paddy rice.

Rice huller: remove the shell of the paddy rice.

Gravity paddy rice separator: separate the brown rice and the paddy rice.

Rice mill machine: mill the brown rice into white rice.

Rice polisher: polish the white rice, making it more smooth and white.

White rice grader: grade the white whole rice and broken rice.

Color sorter: sort the white rice based on the rice color, separating moldy or abnormally colored rice.

Weighing and packing machine: pack the rice into bags, from 5-50kg.

Advantages of 15T Complete Rice Mill Production Line

  • Easy operation. We have an English language setting.
  • Advanced technology. We keep up with the machine updates, providing a modern rice mill plant.
  • Full automation. This is a fully automatic15TPD complete rice mill production line, saving labor.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Stable performance, compact structure, and low breakage.
  • High working efficiency. This rice mill plant can produce 600-700kg per hour.

Services Offered by Us

  1. Video and online support.
  2. Technical specifications and operation manual.
  3. After-sales service.
  4. Warranty period.

Package and Delivery

Generally, we pack the complete 15TPD rice mill production line into wooden cases, in order to guarantee the safety of all machines. Besides, we will make a video about every machine, including machine details. We also carry out strict standards to pack and load machines in the container.


In Taizy company, we not only have the 15 tons per day rice mill production line but also have the 20t rice mill plant, 30t rice mill plant, etc. Also, we supply corn machines, such as manual seeder machines. Because we’re a comprehensive agricultural machine manufacturer and supplier. If any need, welcome to contact us at any time, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!