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400-500kg/h Sweet Corn Thresher Delivered to America

Taizy sweet corn thresher has the advantages of high efficiency, long service life, and stainless steel material. It is mainly used for threshing various kinds of sweet and fresh corn to realize the separation of corn seed and corn cob. Recently, we exported a fresh corn threshing machine to the United States.

How to get in contact with Taizy?

This American client contacted us via WhatsApp. Also, you can send an email to service@taizyagromachine.com to describe your demands.

Process of the communication on the sweet corn thresher

Sweet corn thresher
sweet corn thresher

The American customer was looking for sweet corn kernels for processing. Therefore, based on his needs, he started looking online for a machine that would meet his requirements. After seeing our machines, he immediately sent us an inquiry.

Upon receiving the inquiry from the American customer, we first understood his needs and then arranged a professional sales manager to recommend the right machine to him. Our sales manager sent photos, configuration, and working videos of the machine.

After reading this information, the American customer asked several questions:

What kind of material is the machine made of? How are the accessories of the machine configured? Will the machine come with manuals, etc.? Our sales manager gave him detailed answers to these questions.

Finally, the American customer signed a contract with us.

Parameters of the sweet corn sheller machine bought by the client

Power0.4kW + 0.75kW+0.25kW
Voltage240V,1 phase, 60hz