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Applications of rice and wheat thresher

The rice and wheat thresher, the harvesting machinery, is used to harvest the grain in the field through mechanical grinding, rubbing, separation, cleaning, etc. to obtain grain seeds. This kind of grain thresher is an operating machine that makes the grain meet the requirements for storage at once or again by auxiliary means.

Crops that can be threshed by the rice and wheat thresher

The machine is mainly used for threshing wheat, soybean, barley, rice, sorghum, grain, rape, corn and other crops. The paddy rice thresher is with features of simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance, and high efficiency.

Widely used range of the rice and wheat threshing machine

Taizy products have the characteristics of a high rate of degranulation, and a low crushing rate, which can shorten the wheat harvest period, and can greatly save labor. Thus, the rice and wheat thresher is widely used in rural areas, plains, semi-mountainous areas, hills, and other wheat and rice production areas, welcomed by the majority of users.

Rice and wheat thresher
rice and wheat thresher

Great design of the paddy rice thresher

In order to improve the cleanliness of the seeds, the rice and wheat threshing machine design secondary cleaning fan, and has a secondary cleaning fan, wheat chaff, and debris can be discharged through the fan outside the machine, and wheat grains fall into the bottom slide of the vibrating screen, out of the grain outlet, manual bagging.

And there are three types of models, one is powered by an electric motor, the other is powered by a diesel engine, and another one is powered by PTO, so the user should buy the threshing machine according to their own power-equipped situation.