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6BHX-1500 automatic groundnut shelling machine for Brazil

A Brazilian customer decided to buy our 1500-type peanut shelling unit. Their requirements for peanut shelling were very specific, focusing on the shelling rate, cost-effectiveness, as well as details of payment terms, packaging and transportation. Please see below for more details and our solutions.

Automatic groundnut shelling machine
automatic groundnut shelling machine

Shelling rate and cost-effective

Customers’ requirements for peanut shelling mainly include shelling rate and cost performance. They want the groundnut shelling unit to be able to shell peanuts efficiently and ensure a high shelling rate, and they also want a reasonable price and a high cost-performance ratio.

Our 1500-type automatic groundnut shelling machine is designed to meet these demands, with excellent shelling efficiency and a reasonable price to meet customers’ requirements.

Payment terms and after-sales service

In terms of payment terms, customers would like to have some flexibility to fit their financial arrangements. We offer a variety of payment methods and have negotiated a suitable payment plan with the customer to ensure that the interests of both parties are fully protected.

In addition, the customer also attaches importance to after-sales service, hoping to obtain timely technical support and maintenance services. We are committed to providing a full range of after-sales services to ensure that customers can solve problems promptly when they encounter problems during the operation of the peanut sheller machine.

Wooden case package and transportation time

Customers are also very concerned about the packaging and transportation of the groundnut shell remover. They want the automatic groundnut shelling machine to be packed in a wooden case to ensure that the machine is not damaged during transportation.

In addition, customers also have a high demand for transportation time and want to receive the goods as soon as possible to ensure the smooth progress of the production plan.

We promise to use sturdy wooden case packaging and arrange transportation as soon as possible to ensure that the machine is delivered to the customer safely and quickly.

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