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The latest model 70 baling and wrapping machine for agriculture

With the development of agricultural mechanization, baling and wrapping machine has become one of the necessary machines for agricultural production. With the progress of technology and continuous innovation, Taizy has launched a new 70-type silage baler and wrapper machine, which adopts the latest technology and adds the function of lifting and shredding to achieve week-by-week recycling of waste materials and improve the utilization rate.

Upgraded technology: utilization of waste material

Taizy model-70 baling and wrapping machine has an important upgrade that improves the utilization of waste material and avoids waste. This function is very intelligent and it can be controlled automatically as needed without human intervention. The introduction of this technology not only improves the efficiency of the machine, but also reduces the waste emission and meets environmental requirements.

Silage baling machine for sale
silage baling machine for sale

Great performance of the fully automatic silage baling and wrapping machine

The fully automatic silage baling machine is excellent in that it can handle more forage and waste material. It is made of high-strength alloy and high-quality steel, which makes it stronger and more durable. It is also very well constructed to ensure safe and stable operation. These advantages make the machine more efficient and more utilizable.

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The Taizy 70-type baling and wrapping machine is an excellent machine that uses the latest technology and adds the function of lifting and shredding to make the waste utilization rate much higher. With its high-efficiency performance and robust construction, it can provide better service and support for agricultural production. By choosing Taizy’s fully automatic baling and wrapping machine, you will get more profit and benefit.

Video of the newest 70-type baling and wrapping machine