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Can you bale dry hay with a silage baler?

The answer is YES. In the agricultural field, people usually think that corn silage baler is mainly used for making silage bales. However, as technology continues to advance and equipment capabilities expand, our new balers can handle not only wet silage material, but also dry hay with ease.

Steps to bale dry hay by Taizy silage round baler

Our silage baler and wrapper can also efficiently bale hay. In fact, through optimized design and improved processes, our baling and wrapping machines can adapt to different humidity and densities of feed materials. For hay, as long as the parameters of the machine are adjusted, it can also be baled efficiently and tightly, ensuring that the hay remains in good condition during storage and transportation. The specific operation steps are as follows:


Ensure that the baling and wrapping machine is in good working order, that all components are functioning properly, and that the hydraulic and electrical systems are connected and commissioned.
Clean up the work site and dry the hay as much as possible to a suitable moisture level (usually relatively dry is required).

Dry hay cutting and initial compression

Use the matched chaff cutter to pulverize the hay to make it suitable for baling.
Transport the hay to the silage baler machine and start the machine to begin the baling process. Our machine will compress and bale dry hay into a tight bale using a drum compaction device.

Baling process

When the hay is compressed to a preset density, the baler brake automatically finishes tying the bale, usually using rope or wire for securing.

Hay bale transfer

After the baling is completed, the discharge device inside the silage baler pushes out the bales of hay that have been tied to a designated location.

Wrapping and sealing

The next step is the film wrapping process, the hay bales will be transferred to the belt of the film wrapping machine, and the automatic film wrapping mechanism will evenly wrap multiple layers of plastic film (forage film) around the hay bales, to form a sealed and airtight package.

Cutting film and stacking

After the wrapping reaches the set number of layers, the wrapping machine will automatically cut off the excess film to form a completely sealed bale.
Finally, move the baled hay bales to the storage area and stack them according to the proper spacing and manner to ensure ventilation and easy access at a later stage.

Types of silage feeds that can be baled

In addition to bale dry hay, this silage baler and wrapper machine can also be used for baling various types of crop wastes such as pasture grass, straw, corn stalks, etc., to realize the effective recycling of resources. Its flexible and diverse range of applications provides farmers with comprehensive and efficient feed management solutions.

Wide applicationswide applications of silage baler machine
wide applications of silage baler machine

Why buy our silage baler for livestock farms?

  • Customized design: According to different feed types and humidity requirements, the equipment can quickly adjust the working mode.
  • High-performance operation: A powerful power system and precise hydraulic control system ensure high-efficiency baling and even compaction.
  • Outstanding durability: Made of high-quality steel with a solid structure, it can operate stably for a long time under various harsh environments.
  • Intelligent operation: Equipped with an advanced PLC control panel, a user-friendly interface makes the operation easier and faster and reduces labor intensity.
  • After-sales service: When you buy a baling and wrapping machine from us, you will not only get a product with excellent performance, but also enjoy one-stop service from pre-sale consultation to after-sale maintenance.
Silage baler machine manufacturer
silage baler machine manufacturer

Whether you want to bale dry hay or other grasses, silage, etc., we can help make silage making production easy and enjoyable. Contact us for more information!