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Small Chaff Cutter and Pellet Mill Machine Sold to Yemen

In February 2023, a customer from Yemen ordered a chaff cutter and pellet machine from us. This customer is also looking for machines for his customers, and we are a professional manufacturer and supplier of agricultural machinery, so contact us!

Basic information about the customer

This customer is currently in China and it so happened that his customer needed both machines that he started looking for a suitable and reputable agricultural machinery manufacturer and supplier in China.

Why buy 1 set of the chaff cutter and pellet mill machine?

Chaff cutter
chaff cutter

This customer actually wants to buy more than these, but because it is the first time to buy, he is cautious, so he bought one to check the machine’s quality and effect. After receiving the machine, check the quality and performance of the chaff cutter and feed pellet machine. If the machine is of good quality, the customer proceeds with the purchase.

Machine list for Yemen

Chaff cutter and crusher machineChaff Cutter and Crusher Machine
Model: 9RSZ-3
Power: 190Fgasoline engine
Capacity: 3000kg/h
1 pc
Pellet mill machinePellet Mill Machine
Model: KL260B
Power: 15kw
Size: 1080*420*1040mm
Weight: 295kg
1 pc

Notes: This pellet mill machine uses the voltage of 380v, 50hz, 3 phase. And the mill plate is 6mm. It should be noted that both machines need to be packed in wooden boxes.