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Why is combined peanut sheller machine popular in agriculture?

Our combined peanut sheller machine can shell peanuts efficiently, which brings more efficient, convenient and reliable solutions for farmers and processors. Because of the versatility, high-efficiency shelling and easy maintenance, our peanut shelling unit is very popular all over the world, such as Kenya, Tajikistan and so on. The reasons for the popularity of the peanut shelling machine are discussed below one by one.

Combined peanut sheller machine
combined peanut sheller machine

Multi-functional performance of the combined peanut sheller machine

Peanut cleaning and shelling machine
peanut cleaning and shelling machine

Taizy’s peanut shelling machine is not only capable of efficient shelling, but also has multiple functions of cleaning and sorting. Our peanut shelling unit is composed of cleaning machine and shelling machine together. Peanuts should be cleaned and sorted first and then shelled, one machine can realize two functions, very economical.

High-efficiency shelling & ≥99% shelling rate

This industrial peanut shelling machine has excellent performance in efficient shelling. Our combined peanut sheller unit can shell 700-8000kg of peanuts per hour with great efficiency.

In addition, according to experimental data and feedback from our customers, our peanut sheller machine has a shelling rate of more than 99%, which ensures the high quality and integrity of the peanuts. The high efficiency of the shelling rate improves the processing speed of peanuts, and under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of peanuts, the combined peanut sheller machine quickly meets the market demand.

Easy Maintenance for long-term use

The combined peanut sheller machine not only has a breakthrough in performance, but also brings great convenience to users with its easy maintenance features. The maintenance and repair process is simple and straightforward, effectively reducing maintenance costs. The design of this peanut sheller machine takes into account the need for long-term stable operation, providing users with a reliable processing solution.

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