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Failure analysis of combined peanut shelling unit

As multifunctional equipment, the combined peanut shelling unit has two important functions: cleaning and shelling at the same time. However, in the process of using it for a long time, you may occasionally encounter some malfunctions and problems. These failures may affect the normal operation of the peanut cleaning and shelling machine and reduce productivity. Therefore, understanding and solving these common faults is the key to ensuring the smooth operation of peanut shelling units. Next, we will introduce some common fault situations one by one and provide solutions to ensure that you can make full use of the combined peanut shelling unit’s functions and achieve efficient peanut processing.

Combined peanut shelling unit
combined peanut shelling unit

Fault analysis and troubleshooting of peanut cleaning machine

S/NFailuresCause analysisTroubleshooting method
1Fan does not workthe motor is damaged, out of phasecheck or replace the motor
2Low productiona, motor, suction fan reversal
b, whether sorting sieve adjustment is smooth
c, low voltage, not enough vibration times
d, whether the gate handle is properly opened and closed
a, adjust the power line
b, adjustment & fixed
c, adjustment
d, properly open and close the gate handle
3Peanut fruits are sucked by the fana, too much feeding
b, too large air volume
c, clogging of debris at the material outlet
a, control the gate handle
b, pull open the air volume adjustment plate
c, stop the machine to clear out the blockage
4Big noisea, stop and check the rotating parts
b, whether the bucket is collision
c, whether the suction fan wheel is blocked
a, repair and eliminate
b, adjustment
c, stop the machine to clean and take off objects
5Sorting sieve work swing degree is largecrankshaft connecting rod bearing damagereplacement
failure analysis of the groundnut cleaning system

Fault analysis and troubleshooting of combined peanut shelling unit

S/NFailuresCause analysisTroubleshooting method
1Fan does not workThe fan does not workrepair & replace
2High crushing ratea, incorrect choice of cage fence
b, peanut fruit is too dry, water content <10%, more than GB1532-79 regulations
c, blockage of the drop port
d, the kernel comes back to the sorting sieve, sent to the roller
e, cage fence damage, too large gap, and when through sorting sieve, the peanut kernels come back to roller
f, large difference in size of peanut fruit
a, replace the cage fence
b, add humidity
c, clear out the debris
d, adjust the nut stopper
e, stop and repair
f, replace the cage grid
3Blockage of feeding devicea, too much material returned from the sorting screen
b, low voltage, insufficient speed, small wind power
c, blockage of wind feeder inlet, small inlet air volume
d, peanut fruit containing too much moisture
e, damage to fan wheel, bearing
a, adjust the sorting sieve, adjust the wind plate
b, stop the machine to check
c, stop the machine to clear
d, drying peanut fruit
e, replace and repair
4Shell with small fruit and small kernel large suction fan air volume
open the air volume adjustment hole
5Low working efficiencya, too wet peanut fruit
b, low voltage
c, small peanut fruit
a, drying
b, find an electrician to help
c, sStop the machine and change the position of the push-pull lever to adjust the gap
6Increased machine noisea, loose bolt
b, bearing damage
c, screwed rope or blockage in the cage fence
a, tighten
b, replace
c, stop the machine to clean the debris
fault analysis and troubleshooting of combined peanut shelling unit

The above is only a partial list of reasons for the failure of the combined peanut shelling unit, if you have other problems in the process of use, welcome to call to communicate over the exchange. And if you’re interested in our peanut sheling machine , welcome to contact me at any time!