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Taizy 25TPD combined rice mill machine for Afghan family business

The customer in Afghanistan owns a family business, which is mainly engaged in the procurement and processing of rice. He wants to buy combined rice mill machine to improve production efficiency to meet the growing market demand and maintain stable product quality.

Combined rice mill machine for sale
combined rice mill machine for sale

Choosing Taizy 25TPD combined rice mill machine unit

After market research and comparison, the customer finally chose Taizy’s 25TPD combined rice mill. Mainly because of the following:

  • Production capacity: The production capacity of 25TPD rice mill can meet the medium-scale production demand of the customer, which can guarantee the output without wasting resources.
  • Equipment quality: As a world-renowned rice milling machine manufacturer, Taizy’s equipment has won the customer’s trust because of its high quality and durability.
  • Technical support: Customers value the comprehensive technical support and after-sales service provided by Taizy, which provides timely solutions to the problems they encounter in the process of use.

Equipment configuration and advantages of 25TPD rice milling unit

The customer chose the standard configuration of Taizy 25TPD rice milling plant, including the following key parts:

S/NMachine partFunctions
1DestonerEffectively removes impurities from the paddy to ensure raw material quality.
2Paddy rice huskerHighly efficient hulling, removing paddy rice hulls.
3Gavavity separationAccurately separates the brown rice from paddy rice, improving the yield.
4Rice millerMilling to ensure the whiteness and taste of rice.
4Grading sieveClassify rice according to grain size to ensure consistent product quality.
configuration of standard 25tpd combined rice mill machine

Advantages of 25TPD combined rice mill machine

  • Improve production efficiency: 25TPD production capacity enables the customer to respond quickly to market demand and increase production.
  • Ensure product quality: Fine processing and grading ensure that the rice produced is of consistent quality and meets market standards.
  • Cost saving: Efficient equipment operation and low failure rate reduces maintenance and repair costs and improves overall economic efficiency.

Installation and running of 25TPD rice mill in Afghanistan

For the installation of the rice milling unit, we provide installation manuals, installation videos, and will also guide this customer online for successful installation. Of course, if you need our engineers to come to the site in person, it is also possible.

White rice produced by rice mill plant
white rice produced by rice mill plant

After using the 25TPD combined rice mill machine, the customer said that it has successfully improved the efficiency of rice processing and product quality, and at the same time reduced the operation cost. This has further improved the overall economic performance of the customer’s family business.