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A Congo Client Ordered One Diesel Engine Corn Grits Milling Machine

This corn grits milling machine is powered by a diesel engine and is highly practical. Taizy corn grits machine can produce three kinds of products: corn flour, corn grits, and corn grits. In September this year, we exported a diesel maize grits making machine to Congo.

Introduction to the Congo customer

The customer mainly wanted to make corn-related food products, so he needed a machine for that purpose. But it was his first time importing, so he was very cautious.

finished products

Details of the corn grits machine ordered for Congo

During the initial contact, we understood that the customer wanted to make corn food, so we recommended two types of corn grits machines, T1 and T3. The quotations were sent separately. After reading the quotation, the customer said that it was his first time importing and he wanted to be more secure, so he chose the T1 machine.

Knowing that it was his first time importing, our sales manager recommended the double-clear model to him. But he was a little worried about importing for the first time and wanted to find his own agent for transportation, and said that he would place an order after finding a good agent.

During the period of looking for an agent, the customer decided to buy the diesel model of the corn grits milling machine and then waited for his agent’s reply. A few days later, the Congolese customer contacted us again and decided to buy the machine, so our sales manager drafted the order, PI, etc. The cooperation between the two parties was concluded.

Diesel engine corn grits milling machine
diesel engine corn grits milling machine

Corn grits milling machine parameters for Congo order

Diesel engine corn grits milling machineModel: T1
Power: 15HP diesel engine
Capacity: 200 kg/h
Size: 1850*500*1180(mm)
Weight: 350 kg
1 set