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200kg/h corn milling machine for sale to Haiti

Good news for Taizy! We have a 200kg per hour corn milling machine for sale to Haiti. In Haiti, corn grits and cornmeal are an important part of the daily diet. However, with the increasing demand, our Haitian customer decided to take an innovative approach and purchased a corn grits machine to increase production capacity.

Customer needs and challenges

This customer is a small producer of corn grits and cornmeal. He was facing the challenge of low productivity and difficulty in meeting market demand. Traditional production methods were not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also failed to meet the growing market demand. Thus, he was looking for a high-efficiency corn milling machine for sale.

Solution for Haiti client

Diesel engined grits machine for corn grits manufacturing process
diesel engined grits machine for corn grits manufacturing process

According to the above, we Taizy gave a special solution, the machine has the following characteristics that can meet his needs:

  • High production capacity: The machine is able to process large quantities of maize efficiently.
  • Consistent performance: This ensures consistent product quality and earns the customer’s trust.
  • Energy saving: With high efficiency, this corn milling machine for sale reduces the production cost.

Also, we sent the machine details, such as videos, pictures, parameters, etc. In order for the customer to use the maize grits machine better, the diesel engine with an electric start model was recommended for him. After going through this information, he decided to buy one. The purchase order is listed below:

Corn grinding machineCorn Griding Machine
Model: T1
Power :18HP diesel engine
Gross Weight: 480kg
Spare parts for corn grinding machineSpare parts for corn grinding machinefree
machine list for Haiti

Want to Taizy corn milling machine for sale?

Interested in simultaneous cornmeal and grits production? If so, contact us. We will recommend the most suitable machine for you according to your needs.