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Dog Food Making Machine Sold to Angola

As the name suggests, the dog food making machine is mainly for the production of dog food. In fact, essentially the name of the machine is called fish food pellet machine. Fish food extruder machine can not only produce pet feed, but also aquatic feed. And the machine has a high cost performance. In May this year, we exported the pellet machine to Angola for making dog food.

Dog food making machine
dog food making machine

Angola Customer Details

The Angolan customer contacted us through WhatsApp. He has a feed factory that produces all kinds of pet feeds, mainly dog food. He had bought pellet mills before, but there were only few molds for producing feed, so the shape of the feed produced was not very satisfactory. After understanding the situation, Grace, our sales manager, sent pictures and videos of the machine. After viewing the dog food making machine, the Angolan customer selected the DGP-50 and asked for delivery to Luanda Port, Angola. Also, several sets of molds were purchased and the voltage was confirmed. After that, the Angolan customer paid in full by Visa card.

Invoice for making dog food machine

Pet Food Making Machine for Sale

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of feed pellets, this type of fish pellet mill has various models and different capacities. Not only that, our molds are also very diverse. Various types of molds can make the feed in different shapes and more attractive. You can choose a pet food machine for dog and cat food for your business.

ModelCapacityMain powerCutter powerFeed supply powerScrew diameterSizeWeight

Spotlights of Taizy Dog Food Manufacturing Equipment

  1. There are various types, from small to large models, and the output is also different in size.
  2. Wide range of applications, not only to produce pet food but also aquatic feed.
  3. Complete functions. This machine can not only produce floating type feed, but also sinking material. There are also puffed feed, various shapes of feed.