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FAQs of the maize grits making machine

Taizy maize grits making machine is the ideal equipment for milling corn for the purpose of corn flour and corn grits. As a professional agro machine manufacturer & supplier, we have several types of corn grits machines available, respectively T1, T3, PH, PD2, and C2. According to our experience, we summarize the following FAQs for your reference.

Power for Taizy maize grits making machine

Q1: Can all types of corn maize grits milling making machines use the motor?

A1: Yes. All types can use the motor as the power source. But only the T3 model uses two motors (7.5kW+ 4kW) so that the maize peeling and maize grits making can go on at the same time, which has the advantages of high efficiency.

Q2: How about the diesel engine as the power?

A2: Only the T1 type can use the motor or a diesel engine. Other types can only use the motor.

The maize flour and maize grit

finished products

Q1: How to get the corn meal and corn grits? In other words, what’s the working principle of the maize grits making machine?

A1: Actually, it’s very simple and easy to understand.
The 1s step: dehusk the corn and split the corn;
The 2nd step: mill corns, and then get the corn meal and corn grits(big & small).

Q2: What’s the fineness of the finished products?

A2: Large grits: <14 mesh
Small grits: 14-40 mesh
Corn flour: >40 mesh

Q3: I only want flour or grits, can other outlets be closed?

A3: No, you can’t just have one or both of the finished products alone.

Q4: Can the thickness of corn peeling be adjusted?

A4: Pressure regulating valve to adjust the peeling thickness.

Q5: How to adjust the ratio of three kinds of finished products?

A5: Crushing adjustment.

The wearing parts of the maize grits making machine

Q1: What are the wearing parts?

A1: Peeling sieve, iron roller, sieve, brush, screen, and belt.

Collocated machine for the corn maze grits making machine

Q1: What are the collocated machines?

A1: Elevator. And model T3 can use the double elevator also.