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DGP-80 fish feed extruder machine for Bukifaso achieves fish farming

In Burkina Faso, an adventurous customer decided to follow his dream of farming. Owning a piece of fishing land of his own, he had the desire to produce assured feed for his own fishery. That’s why he wanted to buy a fish feed extruder machine.

Selection of Taizy fish feed extruder machine

In the process of searching for a fish food pellet machine, he found Taize. With its high efficiency and reliable performance, Taizy’s fish feed pellet became the customer’s final choice. For fishery owners, it is vital to be able to produce feed of exceptional quality.

With our fish food pellet mill, the customer is now able to produce feed that meets his own standards on his own. This not only allows him to better meet the needs of his own fishery, but also improves his sense of control over the production process.

Current situation of Bukifaso client’s fish farming

Now, the Burkina Faso customer can provide his own fisheries with the peace of mind that his fish feed is of the highest quality. This not only makes his fisheries more competitive, but also provides his customers with healthier and tastier fish products.

Machine list for Bukifaso

Fish feed pellet machineModel: DGP-80
Main power:22kw
Cutter power:0.4kw
Feed supply power:0.4kw
Screw Diameter:80mm
machine list for Bukifaso

Remark: 6 moulds and 20 pcs blades for free.

If you want to produce high-quality fish feed, come and contact us for more machine details!