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4 Sets of Fish Food Machine Shipped to Peru

This fish food pellet mill, also known as the pellet feed machine, or poultry feed pellet mill, belongs to the feed pelleting equipment. It is a feed processing machine that directly presses pellets from crushed corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk, etc. Also, this fish feed pellet machine can make pet food, like dogs, cats, and others. In June this year, one customer from Peru ordered 2 sets of DGP-40 and 2 sets of DGP-60 fish food machine.

Why did the Peruvian Customer Place the Order So Quickly?

Because the Perú customer is a distributor, owns his own company, often imports machines in China, and has his own agent in Guangzhou. He is very familiar with this series of processes.

From the moment the Peru customer started to ask about the fish food pellet machine, he was very clear about his needs. Proactively, he asked the sales manager to send links about the products. Therefore, our sales manager Cindy sent him the product parameters, videos, and other information. After understanding, the Peruvian customer selected the two models: DGP-40 and DGP-60. He decided to buy two units separately.

Fish pellet making machine-dgp-60
fish pellet making machine-DGP-60
Fish food machine-dgp-60
fish food machine-DGP-60

Order Details of DGP-40 & DGP-60 Fish Food Making Machine

After placing the order, the Peru customer had a confirmation of the details of the fish food machine.

For example, the power of the machine, whether it is the electric motor or diesel engine(finally he purchased one of each model(DGP-40 & DGP-60)).

And also the mold of the machine, which kind of material it corresponds to; what is the local voltage, and whether it needs to be customized.

What about the payment method, when he can receive the machine.

Of course, there is the question of the packaging of the machine. Special emphasis was placed on the packaging of the machines. Cindy introduced to him that our machines are packed in wooden boxes and no problems will occur during the transportation process.

Packaging and shipping-fish pellet making machine
packaging and shipping-fish pellet making machine

Spotlights of Fish Feed Making Machine

  1. A variety of particle shapes can be made. You can change the mold dies (support customization). The minimum particle size is 0.8mm (both floating and sinking materials are available).
  2. Simple structure, wide adaptability, small occupation area, low noise.
  3. Higher economic efficiency can be obtained than mixed powder feed.
  4. The dry material processing can produce feed pellets with high hardness, smooth surface, and internal maturation, which can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrition.
  5. A variety of models to meet the different needs of each machine output, and supporting equipment varies.