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DGP-70 Floating Fish Feed Machine Sold to Ghana

The floating fish feed machine can produce highly tasty fish feed with a capacity of 180-200kg per hour, beneficial to fish growth. Taizy fish feed making machine has the characteristics of super quality, great performance, and strong practicability. Due to its features, it’s well-received all over the world. Recently, a Ghanaian customer purchased one set of the fish food pellet machine with the diesel engine.

Details of the floating fish feed machine ordered by the Ghanaian customer

The Ghanaian customer runs a shop selling various fish feed. He wanted to buy the fish food pellet machine to boost his business, lowering the cost and profiting his business. So, he started to search the relevant machines on the Intenet, until seeing our floating fish feed machine. He was very interested in this machine and sent the relevant inquiry to us.

Our sales manager Winnie contacted him soon after receiving his inquiry about the fish feed making machine. She sent the machine details, including machine parameters, pictures, videos, etc. to him. After reading these, the customer asked several questions(details are shown below). Winnie patiently and carefully answered him one by one.

Floating fish feed machine
floating fish feed machine

After knowing these, the Ghanaian customer also wanted to know about the machine package and delivery. Winnie explained that first we packaged the machine in the film, and then put it in the wooden case. The machine would be delivered to your place by sea unless you have special delivery demands.

FAQs about the floating fish feed machine put forward by the customer

Q: What is the power device for the fish feed machine?

A: Electric motor and diesel engine.

Q: How many molds are available?

A: There are different types of molds, depending on your needs. Like the plum-shaped, bone-shaped, cat’s claw shape, etc.

Q: What kind of feed can be produced?

A: Various feed pellets can be produced. Fish feed, pet feed(dog food, cat food), bird feed, etc.

Machine parameters for the Ghana customer

Fish feed pellet making machineModel: DGP-70
Power: 25HP diesel engine
Feeding power: 0.4kw
Cutter power: 0.4kw
Diameter of screw: 70mm
Capacity: 180-200kg

floating feed
6 molds: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm,
3mm, 4mm & 5mm.
1 set