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Fully automatic silage baler machine sold to Jordan

Good news to Taizy! In May 2023, a customer from Jordan, who runs his own store and transportation business, recently successfully purchased a fully automatic silage baler machine, bringing new opportunities for his business expansion.

Why choose a fully automatic baling and wrapping machine for Jordan?

This Jordanian customer chose the fully automatic silage baler machine after a thorough understanding because of its ability to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs. Our sales manager Winnie introduced the features and performance of the silage baler machine to the customer in detail, and provided successful cases, delivery diagrams and customer feedback videos as reference, so that the customer could have a clearer understanding of the effectiveness of the machine.

On-site visit, the customer chooses to trust us as silage baler supplier

This Jordanian customer personally visited the manufacturer in China to confirm his purchase decision. By visiting our fully automatic silage baler machine plant, the customer gained a more intuitive understanding of the quality of the machine and the production process, further enhancing his trust and willingness to cooperate with us.

We offer our Jordanian customer the best ex-factory prices with the aim of establishing a long-term partnership. We expect our customer to get good results and smoothly expand his local sales market after using the automatic baling and wrapping machine. And the payment was made through an agent in RMB.

Reference to the fully automatic silage baler machine PI for Jordan

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