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Another Ghanaian client ordered complete rice milling machine without color sorter for machine upgrading

A Ghanaian customer urgently needed to upgrade its rice milling equipment to meet the growing demand of the rice market. The customer wanted to improve production efficiency while reducing operating costs. Thus, he planned to buy a complete rice milling machine for his plant.

Why did this client buy the complete rice milling machine plant for Ghana?

Combined with the local rice market, Ghana has a large rice market, but due to outdated production equipment, demand was outstripping supply. The client realized the importance of increasing production capacity to meet market demand and gain more business opportunities.

Paddy rice fields
paddy rice fields

Our solution

We provided the client with a complete set of highly efficient rice milling units, including destoner, rice husker, gravity separator, rice miller(2 rice millers), rice grader and rice packing machine .

This complete rice milling machine plant has high efficiency and stable processing capacity to quickly process large quantities of paddy and produce high-quality rice. Although the customer has not purchased a color sorter, our rice milling units have been able to significantly improve their production capacity and product quality.

The final order list is as follows:

Product nameModelPhotoPower(kw)Qty
Basic Combined Rice Mill       
(Including destoner,
paddy husker, gravity separator and rice mill, 2 elevators )
MTCP15DBasic combined rice mill22.751 set
Emery Roller Rice PolisherMNMS15FEmery roller rice polisher151 pc
White Rice GraderMMJP50*2White rice grader0.351 pc
Packaging machine
with air compressor
DCS-50APackaging machine
with air compressor0.751 pc
machine list for Ghana

How about delivery arrangements?

To ensure that the equipment arrived safely at the customer’s plant, we worked with a reliable logistics partner and chose a safe and fast transportation method. The equipment is strictly protected during transportation to ensure that it arrives at the customer’s rice production site in perfect condition.

Complete rice milling machine package
complete rice milling machine package