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6BHX-3500 industrial peanut sheller sent to Mexico

An entrepreneur in Mexico decided to invest in an industrial peanut sheller to enter the peanut shelling market. His main concern was the performance and quality of the machine, as it would directly affect the quality of his products and his competitiveness in the market.

Industrial peanut sheller
industrial peanut sheller

He chose the peanut shelling unit from Taizy because Taizy is known for its excellent technology and reputation. Taizy’s machine is designed to be efficient, durable and easy to operate, which is exactly what Carlos needed. Our products not only met his needs, but also exceeded his expectations.

Building cooperation with Taizy

Peanut cleaning and shelling machine for sale
peanut cleaning and shelling machine for sale

This customer purchased the industrial peanut sheller from Taizy through his paying agent. This choice brought him confidence and security, as he knew that working with a trusted agent would safeguard his deal. Through his agent, he also established a solid relationship with Taize. We not only provided professional consultation and after-sales support, but also ensured a smooth transaction.

Peanut cleaner and shellerModel:

Capacity (kg/h):1500-2200
Shelling Rate (%):≥99
Cleaning Rate (%):≥99
Breakage Rate (%):≤5
Loss Rate (%):≤0.5
Humidity (%):10
Shelling Motor:4KW;5.5KW
Cleaning Motor:3KW
Total Weight (kg):1000
Dimension (mm):2500*1200*2450
1 set
machine list for Mexico

Long-term return on investment in industrial peanut sheller

This customer had a clear goal in mind when he purchased the peanut cleaning and shelling machine from Taizy, which was to realize a long-term return on investment. He understood that a high-quality machine would ensure productivity, reduce wastage, improve product quality and ultimately increase sales revenue. This will not only help to return his capital, but is also expected to bring sustainable success to his business.

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