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T3 maize grit making machine for Indonesia to enhance business

As a major corn producing country, Indonesia has a growing demand for efficient grits making machines. This case will focus on the story of an Indonesian customer who investigated the local cornmeal and grits market in Indonesia and successfully purchased a T3 maize grit making machine from Taizy.

Maize grit making machine
maize grit making machine

The demand of Indonesian client

Indonesia’s maize market continues to grow, especially in terms of demand for high-quality, diversified maize products. This provides a vast market opportunity for agricultural machinery that improves productivity.

After investigation, this Indonesian customer saw the potential huge market for cornmeal and grits, and wanted to expand his business by purchasing equipment that could produce both products at the same time. When he was looking for corn grits machine on the Internet, he saw our Taize equipment and contacted us.

Excellent advantages of Taizy maize grit making machine

T3 corn grits making machine is recognized for its efficiency, stability and versatility. Its features include intelligent control, easy operation, and durability, which can be adapted to the production of corn grits of different sizes and needs. This maize grit making machine can produce 300-400kg per hour of cornmeal and grits per hour, which meets the demand of customers for mass production. These advantages attract a large number of customers to buy this equipment. So did this Indonesian customer.

Machine list for Indonesia

Corn grinding machineModel: T3                                           
Power: 7.5kw +4kw
Capacity: 300-400 kg/h
Size:1400*2300*1300 mm
Weight: 680 kg
Voltage: 380v, 50hz, 3p
1 pc
machine list for Indonesia

Feedback from the Indonesian client

Improving production efficiency: Customer feedback shows that the T3 corn grits machine significantly improves production efficiency. Through the precise grits making process, this maize grit making machine not only reduces the waste of raw materials, but also reduces energy consumption, which creates more production value for him.

Reducing production costs: The Indonesian customer highlighted the significant effect of the T3 corn grits making machine in reducing production costs in their case study. The intelligent design of the machine reduces the need for manual labour, making production more cost-effective.

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