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200kg/h maize grits grinding machine exported to Ghana

Good news to Taizy! In July 2023, one client from Ghana bought T1 maize grits grinding machine from Taizy. Taizy T1 corn grits making machine helps you to carry out the production of cornmeal and corn grits to meet the needs of customers.

Maize grits grinding machine
maize grits grinding machine

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Why buy Taizy maize grits grinding machine for Ghana?

Farmers in Ghana are always looking for more efficient agricultural equipment to improve the processing efficiency of agricultural products. When we introduced the T1 maize grits machine to our Ghanaian customer, she was attracted by its high quality and performance.

Taizy T1 corn grits machine is not only capable of efficiently grinding maize into fine powder, but also has a sturdy structure and a long service life, which is very suitable for the local maize processing needs in Ghana.

Machine list for Ghana

Maize grits milling machine pi for ghana
maize grits milling machine PI for Ghana

As a professional maize grits grinding machine manufacturer, we will give you an extra set of accessories. And the machine voltage for this Ghana customer is 380v, 50hz, 3 phase. When the machine is delivered, it is packed in the wooden box.

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