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A Senegalese Customer Bought T3 Maize Grits Machine

Good news! A customer from Senegal ordered a T3 maize grits machine from us in October this year. This maize grits making machine is a very practical machine as it can dehull and make maize grits at the same time. This is because this machine produces three types of finished products: maize flour, large maize grits, and small corn grits. If you are interested in this type of machine, please contact us!

Order details of the maize grits machine for the Sengalese customer

This client from Senegal contacted us via WhatsApp. After an initial conversation, our sales manager Winnie knew that the customer wanted maize flour and corn grits and wanted a machine that could produce both. Therefore, Winnie recommended our maize grits machine to him. She highlighted our very popular and big-selling T1 and T3 models and gave a detailed description of the performance parameters of each machine.

T3 maize grits making machine
T3 maize grits making machine

Then she understood that the customer wanted a machine that was efficient and could do both corn peeling and grits making, so the focus was on the T3 maize grits machine. According to the customer’s needs, Winnie introduced the machine’s power, machine advantages, etc., and sent a video of the machine working and loading photos of successful cases, etc. The customer felt that our products were trustworthy and that the company was very strong, so he placed an order with us. Before delivery, we would pack the machine in the frame and then in the wooden case.

Maize grits machine
maize grits machine

Parameters of the corn grits machine ordered by the Senegalese customer

Maize corn peeling and grits making machineModel: T3
Power: 7.5kw +4kw
Capacity: 300-400 kg/h
Weight: 680kg
1 set
Spare parts
Spare parts
Screen: 1 pc
Brush: 1 pc
Roller: 1 pc
Sieve: 1 pc
Mesh screen: 1 pc
3 sets