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Malawi client visits our peanut machine factory: solution of harvesting, picking and shelling

Recently, a customer with a large-scale peanut farm in Malawi came to our peanut machine production base for a field visit. The customer owns a peanut plantation in Malawi, and has an urgent need to improve the efficiency of peanut harvesting and processing and reduce labor costs.

Peanut machine factory visit by malawi
peanut machine factory visit by Malawi

Peanut machine factory tour and strength demonstration

Accompanied by our professional manager Anna, the customer went deep into the peanut machine production line for a detailed visit, personally felt the strict quality control process from raw material procurement to the finished product factory, and gave high praise to our company’s rigorous production management and advanced manufacturing process.

In response to customer demand, we demonstrated the operation of peanut harvester, peanut picker and peanut sheller and cleaner, each of which won customer recognition for its high efficiency, low loss and convenient operation. Through the actual operation demonstration, the customer intuitively understands the significant advantages of these machines in improving peanut processing speed, reducing losses and ensuring product quality.

Customer feedback and cooperation intention

After the visit, the Malawi customer showed great interest in our peanut machinery and equipment, and highly praised the excellent performance and adaptability of our products.

He said that the site visit strengthened his determination to adopt our peanut whole chain mechanization solutions and expressed his strong willingness to buy, hoping to achieve an overall improvement in the productivity of his peanut farm through the introduction of these machines.