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Manual tray seeder machine helps Australian vegetable seedlings raising

This month, our Australian customer contacted us and said he wanted to improve the efficiency of their vegetable nursery and ensure the quality of the seedlings. To achieve this goal, they decided to purchase a manual tray seeder machine, focusing on the machine’s performance, ease of operation and after-sales service.

Customer’s specific needs

  • Improve the efficiency of seedling production: The customer wanted to be able to produce large quantities of seedlings in a short period of time to meet the market demand.
  • Ensure seedling quality: The customer requires uniform seedling distribution and a high germination rate to ensure the final planting result.
  • Simplicity of operation: Due to the varying skill levels of operators, the customer wants the nursery seed sowing machine to be simple to operate and easy to start.
  • After-sales service guarantee: The customer needs a perfect after-sales service to cope with possible machine failures and maintenance needs.

Our solution

  • Efficient seeding: This manual tray seeder machine we supplied has an efficient seeding function and can handle 200 trays per hour, which greatly improves the efficiency of seeding.
  • Precise seeding: The advanced seeding technology used in this nursery seedling machine ensures uniform seed distribution in the hole trays, high germination rates and guaranteed seedling quality.
  • Easy to operate: Our seedling machine is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive operating interface, which can be quickly mastered even by operators with low technical level, and reduces the training cost.
  • Perfect after-sales service: In order to ensure the customer’s experience, we provide comprehensive after-sales service, including technical support, repair service and regular maintenance, to ensure that the machine runs stably for a long time.
Manual tray seeder machine
manual tray seeder machine

Good effects to Australia

Through our efforts, the Australian customer successfully introduced the semi-automatic nursery seedling machine and successfully carried out the green vegetable nursery work.

This not only improves their production efficiency, but also enhances the quality of seedlings, bringing significant economic benefits to their agricultural production.