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Thailand distributor ordered 4 sets of mini silage balers again for resale

We are very happy to work with our Thai customers again.

This Thai dealer has extensive business in the local agricultural market. They have purchased our mini silage balers before and were very satisfied with the performance and usage of the machines. Due to the increase in their business, they need more efficient machines to meet their needs, so they ordered 4 sets of small silage baling and wrapping machines from us again.

What attracts Thai distributor to choose us again?

  • High-performance machines.
    • Customers are aiming to sell again, so they are very concerned about the efficiency of the equipment, the quality of the bales and the ease of operation.
    • Our mini silage baler machine is well-designed and can make 60-65 silage bales per hour, which can be stored for at least 2 years. In addition, our equipment is now PLC-controlled and very easy to operate.
  • Cost-effective products.
    • Machine price is also very important, because they need to be profitable.
    • As a professional silage machine manufacturer, through continuous technical optimization, we can now produce machines in quantity. This reduces the production cost and ensures that customers can buy quality equipment at a lower price.
  • Perfect after-sales service.
    • They expect timely technical support and after-sales service after purchasing the equipment.
    • We provide detailed instruction manuals and list of wearing parts, and promise to respond and solve problems quickly when they occur. Meanwhile, we also provide free technical training to help customers better operate and maintain the equipment.

Final purchase order

  • Machine details: total 4 sets with different power systems(one uses the electric motor and the other three use diesel engines).
  • Platic nets: 24 rolls for silage bales

We carry out strict quality checks on each machine before delivery to ensure that it meets the customer’s needs. The machines were loaded into the container and delivered to the customer’s designated destination by sea transportation.

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