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KMR-78-2 nursery full seeding line sold to the UK

We are pleased to be working with an end customer from the UK who bought a nursery full seeding line for seedlings raising. He has a wide range of interests in the field of planting, including seedlings for vegetables such as onions, tomatoes and cabbages. Faced with diverse needs, he was looking for a solution for efficient seedling production.

Nursery full seeding line
nursery full seeding line

Customized solutions to meet customer expectations

Nursery seedling machine for his vegetable planting

During our communication with the customer, we learned that he had specific expectations for the nursery seedling machine. He valued our success stories in Kenya, especially the similarity of the nursery full seeding line to those used by Kenyan customers.

Nursery seedling machine
nursery seedling machine

In order to ensure his satisfaction, we decided to provide him with the exact same nursery machine as our Kenyan customer to ensure the same success in his planting. We not only ensured that the machine had efficient planting functions, but also paid attention to the ease of operation and durability of the machine.

Matched plug trays

In addition, this customer’s request for seedlings trays was also fully satisfied, and we provided him with 128-hole trays with a quantity of 50,000 pieces according to his requirements to ensure that he could have sufficient support in the seedling raising process.

Free parts for the UK

As an added benefit, we also provided the customer with an air compressor free of charge to ensure that he had a stable supply of air during the nursery process. This thoughtful service provides greater convenience for his planting work.

Nursery full seeding line list for the UK

Power: 370w
Material: stainless steel
Size: 2800*600*1200mm
Weight: 120kg
Length: 3m
1 pc
Nursery seeding machineNursery Seeding Machine
With watering part
4seeds per cell
Model: KMR-78-2
capacity: 550-600trays/hour the speed of the tray can be adjusted
Precision: >97-98%
Size for seed: 0.2-15mm
Width of tray: 540mm
Size: 4800*800*1600mm
Weight: 400kg
Voltage: 220v,50hz, single phase
Double-needle & double-row seed drop
1 set
Air compressor Air Compressor 
Power: 3kw
Weight: 80kg
Size: 1100*400*800 mm
Voltage: 220v,50hz, single phase
PVC material
nursery seedling machine list

Looking forward to your inquiry!

Are you looking for a nursery full seeding line for your seedlings raising? If interested, welcome to contact us at any time, and we’ll provide a customized solution for you!