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Portugal chose Taizy nursery seed sowing machine again

Very happy to be working with our customer in Portugal again! This time, we welcome the choice of our Portuguese customer again, who decided to buy not only our advanced nursery seed sowing machine, but also our highly efficient thresher. On the basis of the first co-operation, this customer chose us again because of the good quality and excellent performance of our nursery seeding machine. The detailed reasons behind this second choice are worth knowing more about.

Reasons for the second purchase of nursery seed sowing machine

Improving the efficiency of seedling production

After the first purchase, the customer deeply experienced the advanced performance of Taizy’s seedling machine. The efficient and automated seed sowing process made his agricultural production smoother and improved the success rate of planting. The second purchase reflects the recognition of the product performance.

Efficient capabilities of the thresher

In addition to the nursery seed sowing machine, the customer’s choice of our thresher further emphasizes Taizy’s position as a provider of all-round agricultural solutions. The highly efficient thresher powerfully boosted his harvesting process, realizing an integrated operation from ploughing to harvesting.

Satisfactory customer feedback

The automation of the seedling nursery machine has helped him to save labour and improve efficiency, and the seedling nursery rate is over 99%.

High-quality after-sales service

In the use of the process, if any questions about the nursery seed sowing machine, our sales manager will answer in a timely way. This timely response helps him more quickly familiar with the use of the machine, to solve the problem.

All of the above are the reasons why the customer chose us again, and the customer also expressed the expectation of subsequent co-operation, “I hope that there is a chance to co-operate with you again, and I’m very happy to work with you because you are a very good partner.”

Machine list for Portugal

Nursery seeding machineNursery Seeding Machine
Model: KMR-78
Material: carbon steel
1 pc
Thresher machineThresher Machine
Model: 5TYC1-90
Power: electric motor
Threshing cylinder :
Dia 360*Length 900mm
Sieve size :870*610mm
Weight:90kg without engine
For alfafa, clover, cabbage, ryegrass, rye, wheat, oats,
sorghum and buckwheat
machine list for Portugal

How about logistics and transport?

We will pack the machine in wooden crates to ensure that the machine can be transported safely to the customer’s destination port. In terms of logistics, we work with a logistics company that regularly exports to Portugal, transporting the machines to the Chinese port of Shenzhen and from there to Portugal. The whole process is synchronized with cargo information, which can be viewed in real time, ensuring the safe delivery of the goods.

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