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200tray/h nursery seeding equipment sold to Saudi Arabia

Congratulations! In May 2023, a Saudi Arabian customer purchased semi-automatic nursery seeding equipment on behalf of his end customer. The nursery seeding machine has efficient and accurate seedling functions to meet planting needs and increase production efficiency. To ensure that the seedling machine matches the end customer’s needs, the customer also sent a sample of plug trays to check compatibility with the seedling machine.

Upon the arrival of the nursery tray sample sent by the customer, we carefully examined it. By comparing and measuring it with our existing nursery seedling machine, we confirmed that the plug tray was compatible with our nursery machine. To ensure the best match between the tray and the nursery machine, we lengthen the machine to ensure that the tray would work correctly and consistently with the nursery machine.

Benefits of buying our nursery seeding equipment for Saudi customer

Based on our discussions, a reasonable customization service was provided to the customer. This enables the end customer to use his own choice of plug trays for seedlings, improving planting efficiency and production quality. The customized nursery solution provides a better planting experience for the end customer, helping him save time and labor while improving planting success.

Reference to Taizy nursery seeding machine PI for Saudi Arabia

Nursery seeding equipment pi
nursery seeding equipment PI