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KMR-78-2 Nursery Seeding Line Shipped to Canada

Taizy’s nursery seeding line is a production line that can fully automate vegetable, flower, and melon seedlings, which is very efficient. In January this year, a customer from Canada ordered a KMR-78-2 automatic nursery full seeding line with a watering part from us.

What seedlings does the Canadian client want to raise?

This Canadian grows a variety of vegetables on his own and purchased this seedling machine for tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and other seedlings. Our nursery full seeding line can totally meet his needs.

Why was this customer able to place a quick order on the KMR-78-2 nursery seeding line?

Nursery seeding line
nursery seeding line

From the time this customer started to inquire about the machine to the time he formally placed the order and paid in advance, there was only one week in between. So why was the order completed so quickly? Review the entire process of negotiating a single, the following aspects are summarized.

  1. The most fundamental is the machine to meet the needs of the customer. The Canadian customer clearly knows what machine he needs, which is to carry out vegetable seedlings. Taizy nursery seeding line fully meets the scale of the customer and the use of demand.
  2. Professional recommendation of the professional staff. Our professional Anna is very familiar with the machine and can introduce the machine according to the customer’s concern when sending the details of the machine so that the customer can understand the machine better.
  3. The successful cases of the seedling machine. Anna in the process of communication with him, sending him the success cases of our seedling machine, delivery photos, customer feedback, etc., increased the customer’s confidence in our machine, and promote the customer to order.

Machine list for the Canadian client

1Nursery seedling machine

Nursery Seedling Machine
Model: KMR-78-2
with watering part and a full set of spare parts
Capacity: 550-600trays/hour  (the speed of the tray can be adjusted)
Precision: >97-98%
Principle: Electrical and air compressor
System: Automatic photoelectric counting system
Material: Stainless steel
Power: 600w
Voltage: 220V/60Hz/single phase
Size for seed: 0.2-15mm
Tray size: Normal standard is 540*280mm
Size: 5600*800*1600mm
Weight: 540kg
1 set
28 16 cell trays8*16 cell trays
Size: 10.8*21 inch
Depth: 1.57 inch
Tray Weight:100g
QTY: 250trays/box
Size of one box: 400*290*555mm
1500 pcs
3Flats(no holes)Flats(no holes)
Size: 10.8*21 inch
Tray Weight:150g
QTY: 150 trays/box
Size of one box: 400*290*555mm
1500 pcs