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KMR-78 Nursery Seeding Machine Sold to Portugal

The nursery seeding machine is specially designed for raising seedlings of various vegetables, melons, flowers, etc. Taizy nursery seeder machine has three types available. It’s very popular at home and abroad. Recently, one Portugal customer ordered one semi-automatic nursery seedling machine from Taizy.

Why ordered the nursery seeding machine?

This Portuguese customer was developing his own farming business, growing various vegetables and then selling them. He was looking for a machine that would meet his expectations on the internet and we had just the machine for him, so he got in touch with us.

Discussion details of purchasing the KMR-72 nursery seedling machine

Nursery seeding machine

When we first contacted him, our sales manager Winnie knew that he wanted to do vegetable seedlings, so she sent him information on three types of machines for him to choose from.

After reading the information, the Portuguese customer preferred the manual model. Therefore, Winnie sent him a quote and other information about this machine. After that, the customer was given details about the size of his seeds to match the corresponding nozzle.

The customer wanted the same size nozzle according to the size of his seeds, and he also wanted a seedling tray, so Winnie recommended the corresponding trays.

Finally, the Portuguese customer purchased the machine, the nozzle, and the black trays.

Nursery seeder machine specifications ordered from the Portugal client

Nursery seeding machineModel: KMR-78
Capacity: 200tray/hour
Size: 1050*650*1150mm
Weight: 68kg
material: carbon steel
1 set
Nozzlefor 126cells, 216cells,240cells,672cells

32, 50, 72,105, 128, 200 cells
10 sets
Black trays32cells*200pcs

PVC material
6 cartons