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700-800kg/h Peanut Shell Remover Sold to India

Our peanut shell remover is a practical machine specially designed for peanut shelling, with high shelling efficiency and a low damage rate. The groundnut shelling machine has good performance and is a good helper for peanut growers. Recently, a customer from India bought a 1500-type peanut shelling unit from us.

Basic information about the Indian customer

This Indian customer grows his own peanuts and wants peanut kernels, so he bought this groundnut shelling unit for his own use. And we have just the right machine to meet the customer’s needs.

The detailed process of the peanut shell remover purchases by the Indian customer

Peanut shell remover
peanut shell remover

This Indian customer saw our website when he was looking for a machine on the Internet, and after reading it, he found it interesting, so he sent us an inquiry.

After receiving his inquiry, our sales manager, Coco, contacted him. Through the conversation, she knew he wanted to buy a peanut shell remover for his own use, and said he needed the machine with a capacity of 600-800kg per hour. According to his request, Coco recommended our Taizy 6BHX-1500 shelling machine to him and sent him the relevant machine information.

After reading this, the Indian customer had questions about the hulling effect of the machine. And Coco explained to him that the hulling rate of the machine was over 99%, and sent him feedback videos from customers in other countries, etc. After reading this, the Indian customer had more confidence in our machine. Finally, a 6BHX-1500 machine was ordered.

Peanut shelling machine specifications

Groundnut shelling unitModel: 6BHX-1500
Capacity: 700-800kg/h
Shelling rate: ≥99%
Cleaning rate: ≥99%
Breakage rate: ≤5%
Loss rate: ≤0.5%
Humidity: 10%
Shelling motor: 1.5kW+3kW
Cleaning motor: 2.2kW
Weight: 520kg
Size: 1500*1050*1460mm
1 set