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Wearing parts of Taizy peanut shelling and cleaning machine

Taizy peanut shelling and cleaning machine has great efficiency to shell the groundnuts, but after long-term use, the wearing parts are worn and need to be maintained or replaced for long smooth use. By regularly maintaining and replacing these wearable parts, you can extend the life of Taizy peanut shelling and cleaning machine and improve its working efficiency and performance.

Peanut shelling and cleaning machine
peanut shelling and cleaning machine

At the same time, pay attention to the operating specifications and correct maintenance methods can also effectively reduce the wear and tear of wearing parts and damage, to ensure the stable operation of the machine. Now let’s together see the wearing parts for the combined peanut shelling unit.

Blower for the peanut shelling and cleaning machine

Blower is one of the important parts of Taizy peanut cleaning and shelling machine. It separates peanut shells and peanut kernels by generating airflow, but a long time of high-speed operation may lead to wear and tear of blower blades, which affects the airflow effect. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance of the blower’s condition and timely replacement of the blades can ensure the normal operation of the peanut shelling and cleaning machine.

Triangle belt

Triangle belt is the transmission part of the machine, which is used to drive the blower and other components. Due to prolonged friction and tension, the triangular belt may become worn, broken or loose. Regularly checking the condition of the V-belt and replacing it as needed will ensure proper machine operation and drive efficiency.

Sieve mesh


Sieves are an important filtration component in peanut shelling and cleaning machines and are used to separate peanut kernels from residue.

However, with prolonged use, the sieve screen may become damaged or clogged due to the impact and friction of the peanut shells. Regularly cleaning and replacing the sieve mesh to keep it free from obstruction will maintain the machine in efficient working condition.

Rotor (wind wheel)

The rotor (wind wheel) is the core component of the blower and is used to generate a powerful airflow to separate peanut shells from peanut kernels. Due to the high-speed movement of the airflow, the rotor may be subject to wear and tear. Regular inspection and maintenance to ensure the rotor wind wheel is in good condition will help maintain the high efficiency and performance of the peanut shelling and cleaning machine.

Dust bag

Dust bags are used to capture dust and debris generated during the peanut shelling and cleaning process, keeping the work environment clean. However, prolonged use can lead to dust accumulation in the dust bag, affecting its filtration effectiveness. Regular cleaning and replacement of dust bags ensure a hygienic working environment and normal operation of the peanut shelling and cleaning machine.