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Taizy peanut shelling machine in Sri Lanka: upgrade efficiency

Our peanut shelling machine in Sri Lanka meets the growing needs in the local peanut growing market. Taizy groundnut sheller has the advantages of high efficiency, low loss rate and good performance. This innovative equipment is helping Sri Lankan agriculture to realize a quantum leap in productivity. So how will our machines meet the needs of Sri Lankan farmers and improve the productivity of their produce?

Peanut shelling machine in sri lanka
peanut shelling machine in Sri Lanka

Improve efficiency of peanut shelling machine

Taizy’s peanut shelling machine in Sri Lanka adopts advanced technology, which can automate the peeling of peanut shells, greatly reducing labour intensity. Not only that, it is also capable of handling large quantities of peanut nuts, increasing farmers’ productivity. And our machine has a shelling rate of ≥99%, which is efficient for you.

Economic benefits growth

Industrial peanut sheller
industrial peanut sheller

Peanut shelling machines not only increase productivity, they also help reduce wastage as they are able to strip peanut shells more thoroughly and reduce waste. This will result in greater economic benefits for farmers in terms of peanut sales. Farmers in Sri Lanka are now able to process large quantities of peanuts more easily, not only increasing production but also reducing wastage and enabling more sustainable farming.

Environmental protection

In addition to improving productivity and economic efficiency, Taizy’s peanut sheller meets environmental standards. The machine also meets environmental standards and adopts energy-saving technology, which reduces energy consumption and helps to maintain ecological balance.

Available peanut shelling machine in Sri Lanka for sale

Taizy offers a wide range of peanut shelling machines to meet the needs of different farmers and producers. From small home-based machines to large-scale industrial models, Taizy’s wide range of products covers all production sizes and budgets. Peanut sheller and peanut cleaning and shelling unit are two kinds of shellers for groundnut processing.

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