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Won the tender with Taizy plug tray seedling machine in Jordan

The Jordanian customer has successfully won an important governmental bidding project, which involves large-scale vegetable nurseries. To meet the demand for efficient and precise seedling production, the customer chose Taizy’s plug tray seedling machine. This article will introduce how Taizy’s seedling machine helped the Jordanian customer win the bidding project.

Kmr-78-2 nursery seeding machine
KMR-78-2 nursery seeding machine

Customer’s need

The customer needed an efficient, precise and easy-to-operate nursery tray seeding machine. Details are as below:

  • A large number of vegetable seedlings are needed for a tender project.
  • Precise sowing and high survival rate of seedlings.
  • Easy to operate, no additional technical training required.
  • After-sales service to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.
  • Favorable price.

Our solution to the Jordanian bidding project

Explain the function of each part of Taizy plug tray seedling machine

  • Soil covering system: Automatically complete the soli covering to ensure that the seeds have a suitable growing environment.
  • Sowing system: Precise control of the number of seeds in each tray to ensure uniform seed distribution and high germination rate.
  • Watering system: According to the needs of different crops, precisely control the watering amount to avoid wasting water.
  • Conveyor belt system: Efficiently convey the hole tray, save labor and improve work efficiency.
  • Control system: PLC control system, easy to operate, real-time monitoring of the seedling process, to ensure accurate operation.
  • Air compressor
    • Provide pneumatic power: Support the automatic operation of seeding and other aspects.
    • High stability: Ensure the coordinated operation of all parts of the machine and improve overall efficiency.
Automatic seedling machine
automatic seedling machine

Authorization and price advantage

  • Authorization: We provide formal authorization to ensure that customers buy genuine plug tray seedling machines and guarantee after-sales service and technical support.
  • Price advantage: Through large-scale production and cost control, we can provide customers with competitive prices, helping customers to take advantage of the bidding process.

After-sales service

  • Technical support: Provide all-around technical training and support to ensure that customers can operate the machine skillfully.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance, timely replacement of wear and tear parts to ensure long-term stable operation of the machine.
  • Troubleshooting: 24-hour online customer service, rapid response to customer maintenance needs, reducing downtime.

This client saw the solution we provided and was so satisfied that he submitted it to the government for review and eventually won the tender.

Safe package and fast delivery to Jordan

After completing the production of the plug tray seedling machine, we pack the machine carefully for transportation to ensure that the equipment is not damaged during transportation. We use high-quality wooden crates for packaging, and every step is strictly checked and handled.

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