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Pumpkin seed extractor machine sold to America

A US agro-processing company recently faced the challenge of increasing end-customer demand for high-quality pumpkin seeds, so they needed to introduce a pumpkin seed extractor machine that could efficiently and accurately separate the seeds from the pulp, and that could adapt to different pumpkin varieties and yield variations.

In addition, considering the operating costs and the need for long-term service support, the customer asked the supplier to provide a solution with excellent performance, durability and comprehensive after-sales service.

Solution provided by Taizy

In response to the specific needs of our U.S. customer, we customized a pumpkin seed extraction machine that combines high efficiency, low breakage rates, and flexibility for a wide range of pumpkins.

The pumpkin seed extractor machine adopts advanced mechanical stripping technology to ensure the complete separation of pumpkin seeds from the flesh, and is designed to combine production speed and seed integrity.

In addition, the main body of our machine is made of high-quality steel to ensure durability and service life. And we also provide a full set of service programs including installation and commissioning, operation training and comprehensive after-sales maintenance.

The machine parameters are shown below:

Pumpkin seeds harvesterPumpkin Seeds Harvester
Dimension: 2500×2000×1800 mm
Weight: 400kg
Capacity ≥500 kg/h wet pumpkin seeds
Cleaning rate: ≥85%
Breaking rate: ≤5%
Power: PTO
Remark: with 3mm screen
1 set
7mm screen7mm Screen1 pc
machine list for U.S

Why choose Taizy as pumpkin seed extractor machine supplier?

  • Good machine quality: Our products have significant advantages in terms of core technology, which can effectively solve customers’ efficiency and quality problems in pumpkin seed extraction process.
  • Customized solution: We provide customized solutions according to our customers’ actual business needs, which demonstrates our professionalism and flexibility in the industry.
  • After-sales service: We promise and practice a full range of after-sales service, which brings great convenience and protection to your daily operation and maintenance after the equipment is put into use, thus reducing their overall operating costs and enhancing market competitiveness.

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