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Pumpkin Seed Harvester for Sale to Spain

This pumpkin seed harvester for sale has the unique function to extract seeds from watermelons, pumpkins, and cucumbers. This seed harvesting machine can be used with electric motors, diesel engines, and PTOs, with a variety of options. In addition, the machine has good performance, high efficiency, and clean seed extraction rate, which makes it a good choice for seed extraction of various melons and fruits.

Details of the pumpkin seed harvester for sale ordered by the Spain customer

This Spanish customer grows a large number of pumpkins himself and is selling pumpkin seeds. Because the pumpkins are about to ripen, he now needs a machine to remove the seeds. He was browsing the internet and saw our machine, so he sent an inquiry about it via WhatsApp.

Pumpkin seed harvester for sale
pumpkin seed harvester

Our sales manager Coco contacted him quickly and after receiving his inquiry, Coco recommended him our pumpkin seed harvester for sale, with information about the machine, parameters, etc. The Spanish customer asked about the power of the machine after reading it, and Coco explained that our machines can be used with electric motors, diesel engines, and PTOs, depending on which one you prefer. After thinking about it, the Spanish customer chose the PTO model.

In addition, he also asked about the payment and delivery, Coco explained that the pumpkin seed harvester for sale would be finished in 7-15 days after receiving the deposit. And then the final payment would be received to arrange the delivery, usually by sea. After solving these problems, the Spanish customer placed an order for a pumpkin seed extraction machine.

Why chose PTO instead of the electric motor/diesel engine?

Because he wanted to do the pumpkin seed extraction directly in the field, which not only saves time but the pumpkin can also be used as a fertilizer to provide nutrients to the field. The PTO pumpkin seed extractor can be used with a tractor, which he also has, so it’s a perfect match.