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Export of pumpkin seed harvester machine to Spain for watermelon seed extraction

Our client is a nutritional production company based in Spain that specializes in providing healthy, natural products. They wanted to extract the seeds from watermelon for the production of nutrient-rich products to meet the market demand for natural foods. Thus, they’re looking for a pumpkin seed harvester machine to help them.

Pumpkin seed harvester machine
pumpkin seed harvester machine

Concerned points during discussion on pumpkin seed harvester machine

Screen size issues

The customer was very concerned about the size of the screen for extracting watermelon seeds. They wanted a screen size that would effectively filter out impurities while retaining the integrity of the watermelon seeds to ensure that the extracted seeds were of good quality.

Our solution is that we asked the customer to measure the size of the watermelon seeds, and our salesman recommended the right screen accordingly.

Payment terms

Originally, the payment was to be made in full, but due to some issues, the two parties negotiated and decided on flexible payment terms through installment payments to ease the pressure of a one-time payment. This flexible payment option made it easier for the customer to purchase our pumpkin seed extraction machine.

Shipment arrangement

To ensure that the watermelon seed extractor can reach our customers in time, we choose fast and reliable sea transportation. We will arrange a professional logistics team to take care of the transportation and provide timely updates to our customers on the progress of the shipment and the estimated time of arrival to ensure that the goods can arrive in a timely and safe manner.

Final order list for Spain

We solved all the above problems perfectly, and the customer placed the order like below:

Pumpkin seeds harvesterPumpkin Seeds Harvester
Dimension: 2052mm*1134mm*1353mm
Weight: 650kg
Working speed: 3-5km/h
Capacity: ≥300 kg/h wet watermelon seeds
Cleaning rate: ≥85%
Breaking rate: ≤0.3%
Power: 18HP diesel engine
Sieve for pumpkin seed:7mm hole size
Sieve for watermelon seed
equipped also
1 pc
machine list for Spain

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