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Successfully use pumpkin seed separator for efficient extraction of melon seeds in Eygyt

Recently, we received a large agricultural product processing enterprise from Egypt. Due to the developed local melon cultivation industry, the enterprise urgently needs a set of efficient pumpkin seed separator to improve its production line efficiency and product quality.

After comparing several suppliers, they chose our pumpkin seed extraction machine for its unique design of efficient separation technology and excellent durability.

Pumpkin seed separator
pumpkin seed separator

Excellent performance of pumpkin seed separator in melon seed extraction

In practice, although the pumpkin seed extractor is mainly optimized for pumpkin seeds, it is also perfectly suited for all types of melon seed extraction through flexible adjustments and customized configurations.

The feedback video from Egyptian customers clearly shows that the machine operates smoothly, the melon seeds are peeled thoroughly, and the crushing rate is extremely low, which greatly improves the quality and speed of the output of melon seed extraction.

melon seed extraction machine feedback video

Customer satisfaction and willingness to continue cooperation

Egyptian customers have highly evaluated the use effect of pumpkin seed separator, and said that the equipment has high stability, simple maintenance, and effectively reduces operating costs. Good experience not only enhances the customer’s market competitiveness, but also makes the customer willing to recommend our pumpkin seed extraction machine to other potential users.

Because of this, the two sides are actively exploring the possibility of further deepening cooperation to jointly promote the development of the melon seed processing industry in Egypt.